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At InTouch, we are always keen to improve the system and provide tools and help that allow you to achieve more. We realise customer feedback is the most valuable asset we have as a company and that’s why, where possible we aim to develop and introduce new features to make our system even more rewarding for our customers! Our focus at

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5 Ways Marketing Automation Helps Small Businesses Fight Above Their Weight

Marketing automation is gaining traction, but it is still a fairly new concept for many growing businesses. Fair few SMEs and many marketers still do not understand how to use it properly. But the truth is automation can be highly effective if done properly, and with prospects and customers wanting targeted, relevant, personalised information right away, the focus is very much

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3 Ways CRM and Marketing Automation Can Help You Achieve Sustainable Business Growth

87% of marketers claim that email is their most popular lead generation channel; with online registration and opt-in at 70% and social networks and content marketing at 68% and 67% respectively (Source). However, 55% of companies fail to consolidate their databases with automation, and as a result 79% of marketing leads never convert into sales. What these figures indicate is

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Automate to Accelerate

I had the rewarding opportunity to give a presentation on Tuesday to over 150 small businesses in Oxford at the Business in Oxford 2015 event. As you may know, Oxford is famous for being an innovation, culture and knowledge centre. So what better place to talk about how companies can innovate and up their business game! The rules of the

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How Email Marketing Automation
Can Solve Your Top Sales Problems

It’s a common misconception that marketing automation is only for marketing people, and that sales are reserved for another department and yet another system. Well this cannot be further from the truth. While automation brings a number of benefits that help the marketing side of a business, it also serves as a liaison between marketing and sales. It enables sales

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Simple Sales and Marketing Automation – An Introduction

Here at InTouch we are introducing a brand new approach to sales and marketing automation. It’s called “Simple Sales & Marketing Automation”. Many of you will be aware of the growth of complex marketing automation systems, that need deep pockets to buy and dedicated resources just to keep on top of your sales and marketing systems. We don’t think it

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How to create an effective email marketing campaign in 1 hour*
(Times may vary)

Research suggests that email has now surpassed other channels of marketing communication. This isn’t surprising when you consider how much cheaper, more measurable and better targeted email can be compared to other methods of communication. Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal when used properly. But are you getting the most out of your

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Small Business Marketing Automation
How to Start?

Marketing automation provides powerful tools for marketers and business owners to acquire new customers faster, build stronger relationships with existing clients and overall make better decisions for their business. But what if you have a small team? Maybe even a 1 person team on a shoestring budget? In either case, small business marketing automation can become a powerful ally. It

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