We have been using InTouch for a number of years now to store contact information and send emails across all of our companies. The system is easy to use, has great reporting and the support from the team is excellent. We would certainly recommend InTouch to any organisation looking to communicate and grow.

Richard Rosser

Managing Director, B4 Business Magazine

I have found using the InTouch service an integral part of running my business effectively. Its great to use a system that encompasses a range of tools that are crucial in todays market such as social media, marketing campaigns, surveys and an up to date customer data base. Not only have I found the system useful, the customer service I have received regarding a question I may have has always been dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Kelli Gould
The Wine Tasting Company

We are big fans of InTouch and would recommend it for any small business. We save time by collecting new leads from our website with the simple forms and then send emails through InTouch to drive repeat business. Saving us time and helping us make money! That works for us!

Jon Ramm
Vale Fabrics Ltd

Once we switched to InTouch we were kicking ourselves for staying with our past back-office (in-house) emailing, we didn’t realise the difference in transmission speeds a commercial company could achieve against off the shelf software and have clawed back hours per email campaign.

Jeffrey Foster
John Pye & Sons Auctioneers

We have only just started to use InTouch but love what it offers! We searched the market looking for an easy to use CRM system and came across InTouch! We are glad that we did. We would certainly recommend it to any other business looking to take control over where there business is going!

Alan Charlesworth
Alakar Consulting

We looked at a range of systems in the market and liked what InTouch offers. We offer social media services and having the ability to do everything in one makes things very easy. Well recommended.

Nick Jackson
Nick Jackson Media

As a fledgling business I needed to find an all-embracing CRM that would not be too expensive and would replace several disparate systems. The most important facets in choosing a system were:

  • Affordability
  • A customer data base
  • Email marketing, with feedback on rates of opening etc.

After researching the market as a sole trader, I found Intouch gave me all three. The email marketing feedback is nothing less that great. I’m amazed at the comprehensive data that comes back almost immediately – it has exceeded my expectations. I will now need to learn how to focus my marketing to make good use of this data. No doubt, Intouch will help me do that.


With any business product there is a large variety of CRM systems out there. We’ve tried a few and now use a company call InTouch CRM who are based here in the UK.
The reason we use InTouch is because their system is very comprehensive, it’s affordable, their customer service is outstanding and they are always willing to look at ways of improving the system if you have a good idea.

Karl Craig-West

We benefit from InTouch every day and recommend the solution to other businesses. It’s very easy to use at a price point all businesses can afford.

Kevin Ashcroft

We are delighted to recommend InTouch to charities and other organisations looking to improve their profile and encourage customer engagement. We are able to deliver attractive, professional and informative emails to our charity partners supporters, and the reporting that we get from InTouch is fantastic. We have worked with the team to commission some specific templates and these look really good. InTouch is very cost effective and is having a great impact on our business and that of the many charities (e.g. The Aspinall Foundation and Leonard Cheshire Disability) that we work with.

David Watson
AAP Fundraising

I was looking for a CRM solution that would provide the flexibility, ease of setup, and minimum learning curve required for a quick and easy transition. I researched 10 different products ranging from complex to very basic. After narrowing down to the top four, I signed up for the 30 day free trials.

Wessex Chamber Of Commerce

As a fitness trainer, it is vital that I keep in regular contact with my clients to ensure they stay motivated! InTouch is perfect for this and I am really happy with what it offers me! Well worth the money each month!

Debbie Corney
Dorset Publications

Must write to say how pleasantly surprised I have been with InTouch, the system is really easy to use and its already proving really valuable within our business. The reports are valuable and allow further targeted marketing. Great to work with a UK business in a sector dominated by faceless American organisations!

Kath Bonner-Dunham
4P Business Development

As a new company, it is vital that we manage our potential business and prospective customers in an orderly and effective way. InTouch allows us to keep a record of all prospective leads and deals we have and then use the lead management process to bring these deals through to completion. The email marketing tools built into the system allow us to send attractive and informative emails to our clients to show them what PlayInnovation offers and the reporting and insight we get from these campaigns is incredible. We recommend it to any business keen to grow and communicate professionally with their customers.

Marco Boi

China-based media consultancy CMM Intelligence had been looking for a simple to use CRM & Email Marketing platform that we could use to help grow our business.

We looked across the Chinese and international marketplace at different solutions. Following a detailed investigation we chose InTouch as our partner and solution. Although we only recently started to use the system, we are already beginning to see benefits from what it offers. Also, the help and support from the team at InTouch has been great, specifically also with regard to adapting the system to our multi-lingual working environment.

As a company that operates in a country where so-called “guanxi”, i.e. relationships with business partners, clients and other stakeholders, are crucial for success, but at the same time the usage of sophisticated CRM & Email Marketing systems is not yet common, we are confident that the implementation of InTouch enables us to strengthen and expand our business and gives us an edge over competitors.

Give the InTouch team a call or drop them an email. We are sure they can help you identify your business requirements for CRM and deliver a solution that can help you progress and grow.

Florian Fettweis
CMM Marketing Intelligence China

At Swansea City, we use InTouch for storing all of our contact records, for recording details of new sales leads and for our large (15,000 people plus) outbound email communications. We have found the system easy to use and the new products facility allows us to store each product we sell within the CRM and then manage our demand for these. The campaign email tool is fantastic to use and gives us some incredible results! We would recommend InTouch to any other football club or commercial business who wants to organise themselves more effectively and communicate!

Hannah Eames
Swansea City Football Club

I have been using InTouch now for over 12 months and I would highly recommend it to any other business. The system is the most powerful CRM and Email marketing tool that I have found in the market and it helps me manage my business more effectively. The communication tools allow me to tell our customers about new products and services we offer and the support is excellent

Bill Oversby
Best of Petersfield

The Alchemy Group have been using InTouch for some 2 years now and its proving to be a valuable tool within our business. It is the only integrated CRM and Email marketing tool we have found that is simple to use and cost effective. We like doing business with UK companies and find the support team at InTouch friendly and helpful. We would recommend it to any other franchise group or business looking to increase their sales.

David Mack
The Alchemy Group

I really like using InTouch. I can send campaign emails to my customers simply and if I have a problem, I ring the support team for help! At the price it is per month, it’s a no brainer to use InTouch!

Pam Gandee
RA Accounting

We were recommended to use InTouch and we are pleased we made the decision to sign up. We are communicating to our fans and commercial customers through the system and its having an excellent impact on our commercial sales.

St Johnstone Football Club

InTouch is an ideal solution for a growing business like ours. It is available either in the office or out on the road and it has helped us organise our data more effectively and communicate with our customers. We would certainly recommend InTouch to other businesses as a great tool to help them continue to grow.

Mark Chudley
International Shipping

InTouch is a fantastic tool for any business to use. We use it to communicate to our customer base and measure responses and email opens. To get this type of information back for just £18 per month is incredible and the ROI for our business is massive. I would say to any business that is wasting time trying to communicate with outlook to give InTouch a go! It will save you time and will bring new business in!

Nick Rees
Star Search Consulting

Sending email campaigns within InTouch is so simple with the new email editor. As a small business, it is vital for me to communicate on a regular basis to customers I work with and being able to store their information and then send emails to drive repeat business is so valuable. The emails are helping me drive new business and keeping a record of which customers I do business with also helps immensely. I would happily recommend InTouch to any other small business looking to grow!

Adrian Cunnington
Director at Care4Cleaning

If you are looking for a system that allows to run your business empire marketing machine with ease then look no further than InTouch. The array of features means I can send emails, get full reports on who opened what, when and how often, assign them to groups for targets followup right within the system, see who has downloaded my content and send surveys to qualify prospects along with text message marketing. All for less than the price of 2 first class stamps per day.

Stephen Plotkin
cognition coaching

If you are looking for a CRM system then I highly recommend InTouch. These guys and their system are marvellous!

Emma Ransom Bellamy
ERB Coaching Solutions

InTouch is so simple to use yet hugely powerful.

Tony Alcock
Director Custom HR

InTouch – A Highly recommended CRM system – and great guys to deal with!

Darren Cozehill
Stonehill Office supplies

If you buy one online product then buy InTouch. Incredible value for money and simple to use

Mike Lee
Weston-super-Mare Cricket Club

The engine behind our business administration

Alan Sansom
Moffat Publishing

Simple to use, yet comprehensive, it offers an integrated CRM system at a very affordable monthly fee.

Christopher Steward

InTouch provides great value for money, it’s easy to customise and the help and technical support they provide is excellent.

Christine Macdonald
The Hub Events

InTouch has revolutionized the way I market to my clients with great success.

Michael Wiehahn
Invasive Vegitation Management

If you are an SME then this is just brilliant I’ve used salesforce, ACT for years this is so much easier

Steve Gubb

As a small business using InTouch has greatly improved how we do things.

Ben Carter
Cascade Training


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