To text or not to text?
4 reasons why your small business needs
sms marketing

Short messages service or SMS is still as popular as ever! With everybody, irrelevant of age and demographic, chronically attached to their phones, SMS marketing proves to be a fantastic opportunity for small businesses to connect with their customers!

SMS Marketing for small businessSMS is extremely versatile! It allows you to keep in touch with existing customers and connect with new ones. It’s a cheap and easy way to send communications and your clients actually read them! Easier than a phone call and a lot less disruptive, SMS is the latest marketing tool to be so hot it’s on FIRE. Instead of bothering your customers and interrupting them at inconvenient times, send them a messages that they can read when they want to!

SMS is still little used by small business as a marketing tool, however it has already proved to be popular amongst larger businesses. Because of its wide reach and low cost, it is the choice of those in the know.

So here are the top 4 reasons why your small business needs SMS marketing:

It’s personal

I don’t think there is a more personal way to contact someone than on their mobile phone. Consider that when people give you their number, that is an indication that they trust you. So any communication via SMS is more private and it has better chances of getting opened and read.

It’s quick

SMS marketing allows you to send bulk messages with the click of a single button! The text is sent and received almost instantaneously and unlike other types of communication, text messages tend to be opened pretty much straight away! You can spot the benefit here, since whatever you send will be read within few minutes!

It’s affordable

SMS marketing is not only easy to set-up and use (who can’t send a text these days) but also relatively cheap! Small business owners with limited resources can benefit particularly because it is so affordable! Whether you are paying for credits or a flat monthly rate, text messages rarely exceed a few pennies. Considering the high delivery and open rate, SMS marketing is a great opportunity for small businesses on a budget to up their marketing game!

It’s in a short format

Similarly to Twitter, in today’s busy lives people want short, sharp and to-the-point messages. Nobody has the time, patience or attention span to read long novels of communication. A short text message however comes in the perfectly compact format that customers are familiar with and prefer!

How to make the most of it?

SMS Marketing for small BusinessThere are many ways to optimize SMS marketing. Firstly, it is worth noting that it works well on its own but it also nicely compliments other marketing techniques such as email marketing for example. Announce a sale via email then send an exclusive sms with an additional 10% off voucher! Make your customers feel extra special!

If you are in the restaurant business and there is a particularly slow Thursday afternoon, announce a surprise happy hour via a text message.

Hairdressers or dental technicians for instance, can send an SMS to remind customers about appointments they have made thus reducing the chances of last-minute cancellations that would cost you money!

Send holiday and birthday personalized messages. The list goes on and the possibilities are endless!

Professional Tip

Plan for an answer and don’t forget to follow up. Always put a call to action in your SMS and be prepared for responses – either another automated text or a real phone call.

Are you ready to give SMS marketing a try? Let me know in the comments section bellow.

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