The Latest Google Panda Update and What it Means to You and Your Business


google-pandaThe latest Google Panda update is upon us! Are you excited? Confused? Unmoved? Whatever it is that you feel, the undeniable truth is that this new update affects us all. Here is a short and sweet no fuss-break down of the latest Google Panda update and what it means to you.

The part of your marketing that the latest update will have the greatest impact on, is your content. The newest version of Panda has taken on the job of filtering out low-quality content so that only high quality, relevant and trustworthy results show up on your Google search.

Panda 4.1 is targeting thin content sites and duplicated content and removes those from the search results making place for high-caliber up-to-date content. Here is the breakdown of the changes and what you can do today to better your website’s chances of higher rankings.

What are the changes? What to do?

Panda 4.1 has put an emphasis on high quality content. Google bots are scanning the overall quality and trustworthiness of content. Jammed keywords are no longer the way to better page rankings. When creating content for your website don’t just think about the keywords but rather the overall quality of the copy. How well do you cover the issue discussed? Is your information insightful and knowledgeable?

On trustworthiness again, one of the key determinants of the reliability of your content is the sources you have cited. Whenever possible and relevant, add links to outside sources that would add credibility and weight to your own content. Link to well known industry leaders whenever you need reliable sources. [

According to the latest Panda update, brand reputation has a serious weight when it comes to ranking. How to make sure your brand has a good reputation? Ask for feedback! Ask customers to leave you reviews and comment on Google+, Yelp, TripAdvisor and/or other similar websites. The more the positive reviews, the better your search rankings!

Content needs to be up-to-date and maintained. Nowadays things change so fast that something you have published last week, may have already passed its ‘sell by date’. Make sure you have fresh content published frequently. A blog post or an update to a page once every few weeks is no longer enough.

Show that you are a real business to build trustworthiness.  Complete your content information. Add a telephone number and full address. Ideally add a Google maps link with directions to your business.

Google has placed a great emphasis on user friendly design. Is your design user friendly? Is it responsive? Do you have a mobile version of your website? With the growing number of mobile users, your website needs to have functionality and offer ease of navigation on every single type of device. Cater for all your users. Google takes that into account!

I hope this little break down of the latest Google Panda update and what it means to you and your business helps. The newest update is said to help smaller businesses gain the competitive edge so as long as you produce good quality content, your website has the real chance of reaching those top place in the search results page!

For updates from Google, have a look at their Google+ page.

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