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In any person-centred industry, feedback and client support are some of the most critical elements for success. After all, even Personal Development experts need to keep up with what their clients want!

InTouch allows you to not only attract and impress new customers with smart campaigns and efficient task management, but it also enhances the post-sales experience by gathering all the information you need to continue to improve and adapt.



Make your online presence, webinars and website a source of valuable information and evolution by utilising InTouchCRM’s Web Forms functionality. Not only can this tool be used to improve your methods and gather essential feedback, but it also makes it easy for your clients to provide you with their information and requirements.

Using web forms, you can take proactive feedback as well as reactive; allowing your prospects to let you know exactly what they’re looking to learn and how you can help to support them in the best way possible. Never go into a scenario unprepared thanks to web forms.


Digital surveys are the ultimate way to gather retroactive information about your Personal Development clients, whether they have a one-to-one experience or have purchased an eBook. Getting a good feel for what your clients need, and how these needs evolve, can give you fantastic insight into ways you can adapt to future practices. Adapting and improving your services to meet your customers needs enables you to turn more prospects into customers and turn more customers into referrers.

Surveys are a great way to follow up post-meeting with clients, not only letting you know that you value their interest and commitment to your services but also to place your business back into their circle of attention; a subtle yet effective way of remarketing.


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