Webinars for Lead Generation

With the exception of writing and language, the internet has changed our lives in ways unimaginable. Music, videos, books, radio, TV etc. are now on the internet. There is hardly anything that cannot be bought online. That includes various forms of human interaction including group discussions, conferences and seminars. Yes!!! Seminars are no longer consigned to be done within the walls of an offline hall. It is now possible to hold them online as webinars.


Webinar is an acronym for “web seminars” in the same way that blogging is an acronym for “web logging”. Simply put, it is hosting a seminar on the web. Gone are those days when speakers had to travel from one place to another, when people had to leave the comfort of their homes or offices to attend seminars. The internet now makes all of these possible with so much ease and at a lesser cost. You can now host seminars online in much the same way that it is done offline. But since we are using the internet, a lot of other advantages come with webinars than they do the traditional seminars. These advantages are business-oriented and they are the reason webinars are no doubt a good marketing medium.


How do webinars work? How do they support businesses? And, more importantly, what benefits do they offer to businesses that make them indispensable? You plan a webinar in the same way you plan seminars. You advertise them so that people interested can sign up to attend them. Since it will be holding on a specific date or time, then make sure you are available on time. A minute later reeks of unprofessionalism. You surely do not want that. A webinar is hosted on the internet via certain platforms such as Skype, Zoho Corp, Zoom, AT&T Connect etc. Each of these platforms has its own advantages above the others but they all basically offer several technical features that ensure you make a good presentation.


To use Webinar marketing to aid your business, you need to use it for lead generation and to use it for lead generation; you must be sure of what you are doing. You must have very good ideas to share with people before asking them to sign up to attend your webinar. The majority of those who are attending are those genuinely interested in what you want to offer and what you want to offer relates to the products and services you offer.


While signing up for webinars, customers always have to fill out forms to supply their personal details or participate in surveys. This is when you generate the needed leads i.e. collection information from them that allows you serve them better through your product and services. For example, the answers of a user to your survey after the webinar can help you determine when to send such a person deals related to cars or shoes or diving gear. Other ways of using webinars to generate leads include asking participants to subscribe to a mailing list or fill out forms for downloaded contents or share contact details for a coupon.


Nothing builds trust and credibility more for business than seeing the business owner interact with people about it and webinars offer just this opportunity as they are live and participants can put questions to the presenter. With webinars, you get a wider reach to genuinely interested people and gather real time data about them e.g. knowing a particular number of persons left the webinar at a specific point may help you realise what content is not working so well. Above all, a webinar is easy to set up and saves a lot of cost if you know exactly what you are doing.



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