What does it take to sell a business for £200m+

When Neymar was sold a few weeks ago for the fee of £200 million pounds the whole world went mad! The figure was crazy and ridiculous for one club to pay for 1 man and whilst I kind of agree, if you have that type of value then surely you should try and maximise it?

Having something valued at £200m or 1/5th of a billion (I think it sounds better!) is an incredible achievement whatever way you look at it! When you take stock and look at a business that has a value like that, the best thing any budding business owner can do is say ‘how did that person build something to have that much value?’

Whilst I don’t have the answer myself, I know a man that does

I was lucky enough to spend some time with Mike Clare a few weeks ago and he agreed to be the latest entrepreneur to be interviewed as part of our Seven Figure Club Podcast series. Mike very kindly gave up his time to share with me how he built a global business that I know most people across the country have heard of. Mike built up Dreams the bed superstore to be the leading brand for anyone buying a bed in the UK and during this time he built up a business that was worth, yes you guessed it over £200m pounds!

I actually do Mike a disservice as he sold Dreams for £222m in 2008 but when you have got to £200m who worries about the spare change of £22 million pounds 😉

Mike is fantastic company and shares with me over a 30-minute period some great stories of how he got into business at an early age (you will not believe the first products he sold when he started), his advice when recruiting and how he felt when the deal to sell Dreams was completed.

Mike’s story is another great inspiration for anyone aspiring to build an amazing business and so all I can say is that the podcast is well worth listening to.

If hearing the wisdom and advice from a guy who has sold a business that has greater value than Neymar doesn’t appeal then I am not sure what will!

Mike achieved great success by building a great brand and by turning lots of potential prospects into customers! If you are struggling to achieve the goals you have for your business and think you could do with some help on knowing what is needed to convert prospects to customers on a regular basis then get in touch. I can help.


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