Without trust you won’t convert prospects

Trust is key to the sale process in every way and here are four ways in which you can get your prospects to trust in you and your company more.

Be positive – people who are positive get better results as I explained in my blog last week. If you can smile on a more regular basis then you will not only feel better personally but it will help you close more business.


WCLead by example – Winston Churchill was trusted by the British people as he led by example. He outlined a vision and then encouraged and motivated everyone to follow that vision and as a result of this leadership he built and gained the trust of the people. If your prospects can see you leading and inspiring the marketplace with a clear vision of what you want and then working towards this then it will help build trust in the minds of your prospects that you are a person to work with.


Communicate openly – I use the social media tool called buffer and one of the reasons why I like and chose to use them is the way in which Joel and leo  (the founders of buffer) are so open about the way in which they run their business. They are probably the epitome of openness with the way outline everything they do  (including what they get paid and how they get paid) and whilst you may not want to be this open about you and your business there is no doubt that being open about who you are and what you do will help build trust with your prospects.



Keep to your word and follow up on actions – when you engage with prospects then it’s vital that you back up what you say you will do and deliver on promises. If you have a meeting with someone and promise to get a proposal to them then make it a priority to get that done and delivered when you say you will. Do that and it will show your prospects that your a person of your word and it will help build your prospects trust that if they choose you to work with then you will deliver on the actions and promises you make which is key in any buying decision.

These are 4 elements which I think are key to building trust but what have you found that works for you? What do you do to build trust? How do you show your prospects that you are a company or person to be trusted? Let me know through the comments section below or share your thoughts with me at one of my social media links below.
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