Customer Survey Questions to Improve Customer Satisfaction

14 Customer Survey Questions to Improve Customer Satisfaction


As we all know, customer satisfaction is key to business success. A satisfied customer is more likely to buy from you again and again and also recommend your company to a friend, therefore increasing your revenue. Measuring customer satisfaction allows you to make any necessary improvements to your product or service and it shows to your customers that you value their opinion.


So, how can you elicit feedback from your customers?


Sending out customer surveys are a simple way of eliciting feedback (read about more benefits of customer surveys here). Firstly however, it’s important to set out the objective of your survey- is it to improve the product itself? Is it to improve the service you provide? Is it to improve your marketing efforts? You may want to elicit feedback for all of these areas but this would require an extremely long survey which your customers will be less willing to complete. Asking them to complete around 5-10 questions won’t take up too much of their time, therefore narrowing down your objective is best.


In this blog, we’re going to give you a list of 14 customer survey questions you can ask your customers using InTouchCRM’s survey feature or your chosen survey tool.



Customer Survey Questions to Related to Your Product:



1. On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely are you to recommend our product to a friend?


Indirect word of mouth marketing is the best form of marketing, so if you are getting lots of 10’s on this question, you are on the right path. Too many low scores on this question should be cause for further investigation and some improvements to your product or service.


2. Did our product meet your needs?


If the customer feels that the product does not adequately meet the needs it is intended for, it is unlikely the customer will be coming back to make another purchase. Consider having a space for the customer to indicate why the product did not meet the needs.


3. What features did you find most useful?


The answer to this question helps you to determine what features of your product your customers like the most and what is really important to them.


4. If you could improve one thing about our product, what would it be?


If one feature of your product keeps cropping up as the answer to this question, you know that it needs some improvement to increase customer satisfaction.


5. Do you think you received good value for money?


Answers to this question inform your pricing strategy, which is an important element in remaining competitive. If customers feel the item is too expensive you would want to reconsider your pricing or target market.


6. What one feature would you like to see added to the product?


Having the ability to know exactly what additions to your product your customers want to see is highly beneficial to ensure they remain satisfied and keep returning to you. It means that you can what feature stands out as being the most sought after and develop that feature when you can.



Customer Survey Questions to Related to Your Service:


1. How would you rate your experience with our staff?


Your staff are the face of your business. Their conduct, attitude, and knowledge have the biggest impact on customer experience. Answers to this question will help you determine how well your team is contributing to the overall satisfaction of your customers.


2. Is there anything that we could have done to improve the service you received?


This question will help you to see exactly what improvements you can make to the service you offer. Whether that’s a more timely response, a more positive attitude or more (or less) customer service follow up’s.


3. How easy was it to make your purchase?


Ease of purchase is very important, especially for an online business model. If your potential customers find it hard locating your product, or find the checkout process too complicated, they are likely to move on to the competition.


4. Were you able to find the support/information you needed easily?


This answer indicates the ease of use of your website which in most industries nowadays, plays a big part in the overall customer experience. If your customer didn’t find it easy to find the information they were looking for, you know this is an area you need to improve on.



Customer Survey Questions to Related to Your Marketing:



1. How did you hear about us?


Knowing how your customers are hearing about you, whether that’s word of mouth, social media, Google or any other source will help you to see what areas of your marketing is getting the best results.


2. What other brands did you compare against our product?


It is important to know how you fare against the competition and asking this question will show you who you’re up against.


3. Why did you choose us?


When you know your competitive advantage, you can strengthen your position even further and win more business.


Bonus Question: Is there anything else you would like us to know?


This allows your customers to share their thoughts on other customer satisfaction factors that you may have overlooked.


So there’s 14 customer survey questions to elicit valuable feedback from your customers and improve customer satisfaction. Sending out surveys to your customers on a regular basis enables you to stay up to date with their needs and ensures you provide them with the perfect solution. It also shows to them that you care about their opinions and continually strive to better your product or service.


If you want to be able to send surveys to your customers with ease, why not try out InTouchCRM? You’ll not only have access to our survey feature but you’ll also have access to automation, email marketing, CRM, SMS marketing and more. Take a 14 day free trial here.


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