3 Amateur Behaviours That Can Kill Your Reputation as a Sales Person

Some salespeople believe they are born with a natural ability to sell, however this is rarely the case. Yes, they might be born with a natural confidence, the ‘gift of the gab’ and determination to succeed, however selling is a skill that must be developed. Just as we improve overtime when learning to speak a language or play an instrument, we improve our sales techniques over time too. It’s important to keep learning and adapting your technique in order to improve. If you don’t and you remain at the same level as when you first started out, you will never succeed. Here are 3 amateur behaviours that can kill your reputation as a sales person:



1. Trying to Sell to Your Prospect Too Soon


In sales, it is vital that you don’t try to sell to your prospect too soon. Doing this will destroy any chance of a relationship and quickly kill your reputation as a sales person. To them, you are a stranger so why would they buy from you? First, you must gain their trust and build a rapport with them.


How can you do this?


  • Nurture them with valuable content

In order to show your prospect that you are the right company to work with, nurture them using valuable content that proves it. Send them valuable information that positions you as an expert in your industry, show them testimonials from your most satisfied customers, share tips and advice and educate them on your offering.


  • Listen more than you talk

Listen to your prospects with the intent to understand and not with the intent to reply. Really listening to them and showing you care about solving their problem will go a long way towards building a rapport with your prospect. However, talking too much about the features and functions of your product will kill your reputation as a sales person and ruin the relationship.




2. Failing to Qualify


Failing to qualify your prospect will not only taint your reputation as a salesperson but it will also delay your sales process. Qualifying a prospect early on is absolutely vital.


How can you do this?


  • Make sure you’re selling to the right person.

Before you spend too much time and effort engaging with a prospect, make sure they’re the decision maker and have the power to make the purchase.


  • Ensure you can solve their problem.

If you can’t solve your prospect’s problem then spending anymore of your time speaking with them would be a waste. Tell them you don’t think you’re right for them and if you can, advise them on where they can get the help they need.


  • Ensure they have the budget.

Don’t waste time on a prospect who doesn’t have the budget to implement your product or service. Instead, ask the question early in the process to avoid being stung further down the line.



3. Not Following Up


Not following up is another huge mistake that can kill your reputation as a sales person. The prospect. If you speak with a prospect, don’t end the call until you have arranged another time to speak or meet face to face. Arrange the follow up and stick to it!


How can you do this?


  • Use a CRM.

Use your CRM system to record details of the call or engagement you had with your prospect and then set yourself a reminder to follow up when you said you would. This could be a few days or a week later.


If your prospect doesn’t answer when you do follow up, there are certain things you can do in this case which you can learn more about here. Leave them a voicemail and inform them that if you don’t hear back from them, you will call again on X day at X time. Again, record this in your CRM and set yourself a reminder. And don’t give up until you’ve got an answer. It could be that something came up that took priority over your call and your prospect is still eager to work with you. But if you don’t continue to follow up, you’ll never know!


So, there are 3 amateur behaviours that can kill your reputation as a salesperson. To achieve sales success, you should be continually learning and developing. Everybody makes mistakes but it’s how we learn from our mistakes that’s important.



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