3 Fail-Safe Ways To Use Marketing Automation to Maximise Lead Conversion

InTouch CRM (1)The field of Marketing Automation is growing at an astonishing rate. On average 49% of companies are currently using Marketing automation; and of those using the technology, 91% agree that marketing automation is ‘very important’ to the overall success of their marketing strategy across channels.(Source).

So if you’re not using automation already, then you’re missing out on a lot of business. Marketing automation can help you close more business faster by nurturing leads, triggering actions based on their behaviour and prompt sales teams to pick up the phone and talk to leads when they are hot.

And if you’re already using automation, but you feel you want to up your game and get more out of it, then read this. Here are 3 innovative ways you can use marketing automation to maximise conversion rates and minimise leads leakage.

1. Personalisation is key

This one is not particularly groundbreaking, but you’d shocked to discover how many people out there send generic uncustomised emails.

When thinking about personalisation, don’t limit yourself to simply addressing the email to ‘Hi %FirstName%’. Instead think of ways to personalise the whole experience.

Create content that is timely and relevant. Don’t just dump all your customers in the same automated sequence. Which particular product are they interested in? Would their age/gender/occupation have an impact on the content you create? Think about who your customers really are and what content they need at that very moment.

If you’re in the decorating business and you have a showroom where people come to view your bathroom and kitchen options, you wouldn’t dump every lead in the same generic campaign, would you? Ideally, you should have one campaign for people who came looking to redecorate their bathroom, a separate one for people interested in kitchen furniture, and a third one for those potential customers who potentially need a new bathroom and a new kitchen.

By making the nurturing campaigns targeted and relevant to the lead, you will be offering them the precise information they need to make up their minds and come and buy from you.

Don’t just personalise the email, personalise the experience!

2. Use triggered campaigns to move leads along the sales pipeline

An automated campaign is not just about sending an automatic email every week and hope for the best. In any complex automation you can use have triggers that would be set off when an action has been completed.

Here’s a scenario and let’s look again at the kitchens and bathrooms campaign we mentioned earlier.

A lead has been receiving nurturing emails for a few weeks and eventually they click on link within an email that takes them to the finance page ‘Payment options for your new kitchen’. That would indicate that they are seriously considering going ahead with the purchase. Clicking the link can trigger a series of actions such as:
A) Someone from the sales team gets a task created for them to call the lead and explain in a bit more detail how the financing works
B) The lead gets removed from the initial campaign and gets added to a new one for hot leads or one that talks in a bit more detail while the investment of getting a new kitchen is worth every penny and what payment plan options are available to them

The point is, triggered campaigns should be used as indicators as to how far down the sales pipeline a lead is and what action should follow next to make the transition from a lead to a paying customer faster. That is a proven method to maximizing conversion rates. In fact, triggered emails result in 70% higher open rates and 152% higher click through rates (Source). Triggered campaigns work! Use them!

3. Upsell and Cross-Sell

By introducing existing customers to other related products they may be interested in based on their purchase, you can increase your order frequency.

Amazon famously uses these “If you like this, you’ll also like this…” offers with great results. In 2006, Mr. Bezos himself revealed that over 35% of their sales come from cross-sales!

To apply this strategy to your business, think about how your products and services relate to each other and create automated campaigns that encourage existing customers to consider the complementary products and services as well. For example, if your customer has just completed an online course purchased from you, follow up instructional material related to the original course or offering a more advanced course is a great way to get them to spend more.

Automation is a great way to improve conversion rates. Users report 70% faster sales cycle times and 54% improvement in quota achievement with the help of automated campaigns. Hopefully these 3 tips will help you optimize your next nurturing campaign and help you deliver better and stronger results!

If you’d like some help making the most of Automation, or you need some more fresh ideas on how to spice up your automated campaigns, make sure to give us a call and we’ll be happy to help!

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