3 Reasons why Automation is a Game Changer

shutterstock_140876293The world of technology moves at super speeds, it is no wonder then that our chances of keeping up with it on a daily basis are never going to be realistic. The key is picking and choosing what bits to use in your business life.

One which has come along and become that game changer in business is automation.

Most businesses don’t get it, they think they have to be uber technical and they just don’t have the time to learn this new jargon, but this is where they are wrong!

Here are my 3 reasons why Automation is a game changer and why your business can’t afford to miss this

#1 Traditional sales are dead!

That right there is a big and bold statement, it’s a statement you might shake your head at, but it is true statement in the world which has so many advances that the very way we interact with people is changing, we’ve gone from having conversation after conversation to texting each other or even tweeting 140 characters to say what we need to.

So if we are interacting on the move with each other, our sales processes need to change to account for this. The phone call still has a place but that’s at the start and the end of the process – in between, the other 5 points of contact (traditionally they say 7 touches before you get anywhere) can be automated in the form of emails, SMS or even surveys – all allowing the potential customer to absorb information at their will and even go deeper into your business. Remembering to do this manually will be a nightmare and just not sustainable, things will easily get dropped but automation changes the game here and not only gives you time but it brings order to a situation which would be chaotic at best.

#2 Your Sales Pipeline is not gravity fed

If you read any books on sales, the normal sales funnel starts at the top with a wide opening, before it gets thinner and thinner as you approach the bottom, normally showing people leaving at various points in between – but let me ask you this, when was the last time every bit of business that you have done has just dropped down and landed on your lap?

I bet the answer is…. None

That is because the sales funnel is left to right and not top to bottom

As a friend of mine, Stefan Thomas, Author of Business Networking for Dummies and Instant Networking, mentions in his books, the sales funnel in this modern day is horizontal. So how are the leads going to get through it?


Simple – Automation!

Automation becomes the cogs of your Sales and Marketing system, being put into action to move your potential customer conveyor belt to draw them closer to a decision (hopefully a positive one for you!)

Sales are not done by luck, they are created and nurtured and automation is the new cornerstone of that process

#3 It’s your responsibility to remind me you exist

Life is busy, everyone is fighting for our attention, so why should I remember you? Your product? Your service? What makes you special? Why it is my job to remember you exist?

Reminding every single customer that you exist and that you are still in business (in these times of ever changing businesses, Brexit, crashes, etc that’s an achievement!) is a full time job and one that most of us can’t afford to hire someone to do.

In steps automation, what’s to say you don’t setup a sequence of emails, sms and even surveys to feed me information every week / bi weekly or even monthly, just to say high or to draw me in further to the products/services I’m using? Mix in a couple of tasks for you to pick the phone up and talk to me, and all of a sudden you’ve made me an engaged person, who knows who you are and why I should keep doing business with you!

3 simple things but things which will have a change on your business AND more importantly, your customers (new, old and future). Life doesn’t have to be difficult and technology like automation is there to remove those headaches and to create those wins.

Isaac Newton discovered gravity by sitting down for 5 minutes and it was a game changer, automation is this generation’s apple falling on the head moment, grab it with both hands and make the most of it today

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