3 Ways CRM Helps You Get New Customers Faster

Fill your pipeline with new leads regularly without having to hire an entire army of marketing professionals. Instead use CRM and the clever tools that come with it to create intelligent automated campaigns that basically do the work for you!

Everybody is raving about Customer Relationship Management systems (or CRM). According to a recent New York Times article, businesses of varied sizes and all industries, find customer relationships management applications helpful. But how exactly can CRM help you and your small business? How does the magic happen?
To help you answer these questions we’ve compiled a list of 3 things a CRM app can do to help you get new customers faster.

You see, CRM is not just a database or a place where you store your contact’s information. Instead, CRM is a combination of different features such as web forms and landing pages, automated campaigns, sales funnels etc, that help your business become not only more efficient, but also better at selling.

#1 Capture website visitors with a web form

training dayThe first thing a CRM system helps you do is create webforms and landing pages that will capture your website visitors’ details.

No longer do you need to know HTML or to have an entire IT department at your disposal to capture leads online. With the help of one of the many simple and easy to use CRM systems available to small business owners, you can create capture lead forms in minutes. These forms will direct your website traffic straight into your database so that all leads are automatically added to your list!

Many of you probably wait until a fair number of leads are manually collected in your spreadsheet and then transfer them to a CRM system, but this is a fairly inefficient and time consuming process. An online form (also known as a lander) will help you get hold of your traffic’s details and start nurturing them automatically!

This is the first step to building a relationship with your prospects and relationships is after all, what CRM is mainly about.

#2 Send automated campaigns

The best things about having a client relationship management software is that it contains a number of different features that talk to each other and work together! As soon as a new lead has been added to your database they can begin their nurturing process instantaneously!

Using a simple automation module, you can easily create an automated campaign that will kick start sending emails to your newly added leads. This way they will be automatically nurtured with relevant to them content over a period of time so that when the right moment comes for the sales rep to contact them, they will be ready to purchase.

Automated campaigns are the best way to nurture and strengthen your relationship with leads. By offering them with personalized and targeted experiences, relevant content that resonates with them, prospects will start to trust your business more and more and even regard you as an authority in the industry.

Remember that marketing emails are a reflection of your company. Look like a pro every time by sending out personalized, targeted and timely messages when the prospects need them. Here is a step-by-step guide to creating such email campaigns: 5 Automated Campaigns to Use for Your Services Business.

IMAGE#3 Get to know your prospects (and how your campaigns are performing)

Another one of the fantastic features that come with a CRM application is the reports and analytics tool.

You can see how many of the people who have completed your lander are opening your emails, how many of them click on links and take subsequent actions, how your automated campaigns are performing, how many people in your sales pipeline are converting etc.

This type of insight is of utmost significance since it contains the raw data of how efficient your onboarding and sales processes are. It could indicate areas of improvement by highlighting areas of poor performance, it can bring to your attention if certain leads are more engaged than others and possibly need to be contacted by a salesperson etc.

Reporting is the backbone of your CRM platform. Use this tool!
There is a reason why you’ve been hearing the same 3 letters over and over again. CRM is the power tool for small business and it can help you get better at acquiring customers. From capturing their details at the online point of contact, to dropping them into an automated campaign and nurturing them, to monitoring success through analytics and reporting, a relationship management app does it all for you! Which is why CRM is a must have in any marketer’s toolbox.

Multitasking made easierThese 3 aspects of CRM are a foolproof way to bag yourself more new customers and manage the company’s interactions with clients.

Strong connections don’t form themselves these days, but with the right technology at your back you just might find that you can create closer customer relationships than you have before.

Interested in finding how InTouch CRM can help you get more customers across the line? Sign up for a trial or give us a call on +44 (0) 333 200 7273, to arrange a personalized demonstration of our CRM system.

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