4 effective ways to make your emails mobile friendly

4 Effective Ways to Make your Emails Mobile Friendly


The vast majority of your customers will regularly check their phones each and every day. Mobile phone usage statistics say, Users spend on average 69% of their media time on smartphones.” (comScore) and “61% of email opens occurred on mobile, 15% on desktop and 24% in a webmail client.” (Adestra) This means that any business that is serious about customer engagement and effective email marketing must adopt the mobile-first approach and ensure their content is mobile friendly. If your emails are not responsive and are difficult to read on mobile, your recipients are likely to either delete your email straightaway or worse- mark it as spam. So, how can you make your emails mobile friendly?


1. Minimal and Responsive Design


Mobile devices have small screens, making space premium. This is why the design of the template should be simple and concise, focusing on the essentials. For a responsive email, follow these best practices:


  • Use a single column layout: Using a single column template as opposed to multiple columns will help ensure your email is visually simplistic and easier to read.


  • Don’t use an image as your Call to Action: Some email clients won’t automatically display images in emails and this could mean you miss an opportunity to convert.


  • Use a highly legible typeface and fonts that look great on different screens and browsers- around 13px is an ideal size


  • Avoid using multiple hyperlinks too close to one another: Hyperlinks are difficult to click on such a small screen, especially when they’re close together. So converting hyperlinks to larger, clearer buttons is good practice.





2. Clean and Simple Content


Unlike desktop screens that allow for varied content, mobile screens are smaller which means that to make your emails mobile friendly, content must be easy to scan and read through. Some of the tips for making readable content are:


  • Using sub-headings


  • Short paragraphs with a maximum of five lines per paragraph


  • Use bullet points


  • Use a lot of whitespace as well as a high contrast by having black type font on white background




3. Use Images Cautiously


While images make an email more interesting, using them for mobile is a bit problematic because some email clients don’t load images automatically. Some platforms also have the image display feature turned off, which leaves an email looking odd with lots of whitespace.


When you have to use images, it is important to include alt tags so that a missing image will be replaced by relevant text. It is also advisable to view your email on different mobile devices before sending them out. What looks good on one screen may not come out as well on another device’s screen.





4. Highly Visible Call to Action


On-the-go readers want mobile content to get to the point as quickly as possible. Place your Call-to-Action as close the top of your email as possible so your readers know instantly what you want them to do next.  To ensure maximum clickability, make your CTA buttons at least 44 x 44 pixels.


To make your emails mobile friendly has become a necessity for any business that wishes to maintain successful engagement with it’s audience so take these tips onboard and start converting more prospects into customers!



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