4 Highly Effective Customer Engagement Strategies You Must Not Ignore

Customers are bombarded with more and more brands every moment and they expect brands to meet their needs in an effort to outdo each other. Customers do not just want to be sold to, they want their opinions heard, insights appreciated, problems fixed and needs met. In addition to sales and marketing, businesses need to make an effort to improve their customer engagement. Here’s our top 4 tried and tested strategies:


1. Humanise your Brand

Humanising your brand is hugely important as it creates trust between yourself and your customers and also makes you more relatable as a company. So how can you be more human? Here’s a few tips for you to consider:


Share videos and photos

Video Marketing Statistic

If your company has a team day out, share the pictures on social media. Share your journey, tell your story and share your passions in a company video. Allow your customers to meet the faces behind the brand, people buy from people and seeing this will encourage your prospects to put their trust in you.


Engage on social media

We’re all for automating your processes to save time and we’ll be honest, we automate our social media posts like most companies. But replying personally to people that have gone to the effort to contact you on social media is really important to ensure you appear as human. (Click here for social media and marketing automation do’s and don’ts)


Speak in your customers language

Speak in a language that your customers will understand, try and cut back on the technical jargon and corporate speak. Enable them communicate and connect with you.



2. Social Sass is an Interesting Option!

A little bit of friendly humour on the social media is sure to invoke warm feelings in the customer’s belly. It is a great way to captivate interest and get some viral traction for your brand. If your target audience demographic is quite diverse, then divulging into the “meme culture” is a more quirky option for customer engagement. Humour is a great way to forge an emotional connection with the customer. Use it before someone else does it better!



Personalised Email3.  Personalise your Marketing

Personalisation can take many forms such as a simple, automated birthday message or offer to a customer or you can take it further with a more complex strategy. Check out these personalised marketing strategies by big brands for some inspiration! However you choose to market to your prospects, personalisation is absolutely key.



4.  Listen to your Customers

Being responsive to the customer’s needs is another way to ramp up your customer engagement. Apart from being service –oriented, a business should also develop the skills necessary to respond to their customers’ problems. The problems must not just be listened to but also fixed. Giving out quick responses to the customer complaints is also a great way to get no-so-positive feedback. The feedback can then be converted into a positive one with a sound strategy in dealing with the complaint.






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