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4 Powerful Business Lessons To Take From These Incredible Films


In this week’s video, I’ve chosen 4 films that can teach us some powerful business lessons. Hit play on the video below or keep reading!



1. “The Pursuit of Happyness”- Business Lesson: Never Give Up



The first of 4 business lessons is from the “The Pursuit of Happyness”. It teaches us to never give up and to persevere until we achieve our goals. In this film, Chris, played by Will Smith, is a struggling salesman trying to make ends meet. With a family to provide for, he is offered an unpaidinternship, with the chance to win a paid position as a stockbroker. He faces challenge after challenge along the way and things go from bad to worse but he fights and he fights until he finally achieves his dream.


In business, knock backs and obstacles are inevitable but it’s how we overcome those obstacles that’s important. If you’ve set yourself a goal, do not stop until you achieve it.




2. “Up In The Air”- Business Lesson: People Respond to People


“Up In The Air” is about a man called Ryan Bingham who is hired to fire people from large corporations. He does so face to face with the person, with empathy and compassion. Until a young woman joins the firm and wants to introduce video conferencing as a method of firing people remotely. Ryan contends her method, saying it’s detached and apathetic, and his concerns prove to be accurate.


It’s true that in business and in life, people respond better to people. No matter what technology enables us to do, most of us still prefer to interact with a human being. Whether that’s from a marketing perspective, a sales perspective or a customer service perspective, a personal service is paramount to business success. Yes, technology can be of great use in some areas of our business, but never forget to concentrate on the human element of your business.





3. “The Founder”- Business Lesson: Processes are Key


“The Founder” is a film about the founding of the McDonalds chain. In one particular scene, the McDonald brothers use a tennis court to sketch out a kitchen and simulate the process of cooking the fast food. They rub out the kitchen and start over several times until they perfect the process and it’s “a symphony of efficiency; not a waste of motion.” McDonalds, of course went on to be the most successful fast food chain in the world.


Wherever you are in the world, the Big Mac is exactly the same, the service is exactly the same and the process is exactly the same. And this is what makes McDonalds so successful. A perfected process is vital because it allows your team to work more efficiently and it ensures your clients know exactly what they should expect. Designing a flawless process takes time and a lot of trial and error but it certainly pays off in the long run.




Business lessons from the founder
The Founder- Perfecting the Process




4. “Moneyball”- Business Lesson: Spend Wisely


Moneyball tells the story of a baseball manager who needs to assemble a competitive team on a limited budget. He meets an economics graduate with an interesting theory on picking the right players for the team and hires him as an assistant. He persuades his manager to hire undervalued players based on his theory with great success.


The lesson here isn’t to hire just anyone just because their rate is lower than others but to spend your budget wisely in all areas of your business. Make cut backs where you can and concentrate on investing in the areas of your business that are worth investing in.


So there’s 4 business lessons you can learn from these incredible films. If you haven’t seen these films, make sure you watch them! What other films have you been inspired by in business? Leave a comment below!





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