4 Reasons to Use SMS Marketing in Your Business

4 Reasons to Use SMS Marketing in Your Business



According to Deloitte “85% of respondents – 41 million people- now own or have access to a smartphone.” Most those people carry their mobile phones on them continuously throughout the day and check them multiple times daily. That is the beauty of trying to reach your prospects and clients using SMS. “95% of texts will be read within 3 minutes of being sent.” (Forbes) and “texts have a 99% open rate” (SinglePoint). Based on these statistics, SMS has obvious advantages for small businesses that want to reach a large audience with their marketing campaigns. Here are some advantages of using SMS marketing.




Immediate audience


SMS marketing is very effective for fast and high impact campaigns. You can set up an SMS campaign and send out the messages within minutes. As mentioned above, on average the majority of texts are read within 3 minutes. This means that you will start seeing immediate results from your marketing campaigns.



SMS has a higher interaction rate

The simple fact is that almost every SMS you send out will be opened. Unlike email that will be marked as spam, or cold calls that are ignored, a mobile user will surely open an SMS. If your email lists are not generating the required engagements, these prospects can be revived using SMS if you have access to contact numbers.



SMS Marketing


Concise messages

As text messages have a character limit, you are forced to send very concise and direct messages. SMS marketing is straight to the point and tells your recipient exactly what you want them to do.




It can be used as part of a wider automated campaign



SMS marketing can be used as a standalone campaign or as part of a wider campaign to support your email marketing. For example, if a prospect clicks a link to a product in your email, you can send them a text with an offer relating to that product. Doing this keeps them engaged with your campaign and ensures that your offer is received.


SMS also works very well for customer service, for example, reminding clients about appointments. This makes them more valued by the recipient, raising the acceptability of further texts from the same sender.


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