4 Tips to Help You Close More Sales Deals From Increased Holiday Spend

The holiday season is right around the corner, providing businesses with an incredible opportunity to generate record sales online. In fact, in the UK alone are expected to spend a total of £16.2 billion on Christmas presents this year. With things like Black Friday and Cyber Monday quickly becoming a trend on the old continent, it’s important that you secure your fair share of this year’s holiday spend.

Just to give you an idea of what’s to come, here are the numbers:

  • Consumers will spend on average £324 on friends and family in the leading up to Christmas
  • 40% of us are expected to go over budget by at least £70
  • As a nation we will buy 18 presents despite only expecting to receive 9 in return
  • Half of us plan to do more shopping online this year
  • 32% will do last minute shopping on Christmas Eve

So as you can see, everyone is going to be spending (a lot). Of course, the big retailers are expected to be pocketing most of these profits but not necessarily. More and more of us are going to shop small, so here are 4 practical tips to help you close more sales deals this season.

1. Make a compelling offer

What you need to remember is that this is the period for you to offer your best deals. What are your most compelling and popular products and services? How has the competition priced them?

Compare and contrast the deals that your merchants are offering. Sifting through a myriad of sites and offers is time-consuming. Business logic 101 dictates that for a prospect to chose you over the competition you have to either be the cheaper option or the most compelling one (i.e. free delivery, free gift wrapping). Save your potential customers time and effort by explaining the difference between offers on the same product.

If as a small business you decide that you can’t afford either, simply tell your customers that they will be supporting a small businesses with their purchase. Most people are willing to spend more knowing that it’s for a good cause or helping their local economy.

PIPELINE22. Adjust your sales funnel to quick sales conversions

A typical sales pipeline is designed to nurture leads, gently navigate them through the sales cycle and eventually convert them into sales. This works for 11 months of the year but December. Time is limited during the holiday season, but even more important, consumers don’t necessarily need to be nurtured as much. They are planning on buying,whether it’s from you or your competition is left to be decided.

The easier you make it for them to buy the better your chances of closing the sale.

Communicate via email more frequently during the holiday season. People would expect and actually want promotional emails with good deals. If you usually send 2 emails per month, maybe you should up that to 2 emails per week. And don’t be afraid to send more direct promotional offers and call-to-actions but be targeted. Now is the time to cash in.

3. Give something to loyal customers

Wait, what? I want profit here, I don’t want to give anything away for free, I hear you say. Trust me on this one. The holiday season is a great time to give back to your loyal customers.We all know that it costs a lot more to attract a new customer that it does to keep an existing one so don’t ignore those customers that are loyal to your brand. Reward your previous customers – email them with a tempting Christmas offer. Give them a small gift or freebie and also encourage them to come back again.

Make them feel appreciated and chances are they will buy from you, the supplier they know and trust, rather than the competition.

shutterstock_1554289704. Optimize Product Descriptions

Optimise your titles and descriptions for the holiday season to reflect what people will be searching for.
Set aside some time to review your listings and see if you can make them more relevant for the Christmas period – having the right product titles and descriptions can hugely increase your chance of being found by Christmas shoppers.

Think about how how people will be searching for gift ideas, and how you can help your product show up in their searches. If they’re looking for a present idea for a baby, for example, they might type ‘gift for babies’, or ‘presents for young children’.

Slightly tweaking your descriptions can make a huge difference.

Christmas is by far the busiest time of year for buying and selling. There is never a more competitive time of year and for many businesses the Christmas trading period determines whether the financial year ends in profit or loss. Boost your sales during the festive period with these Christmas clever marketing tips and if you’ve got more tips to share, be sure to leave them in the comments! I’d love to hear them!

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