5 Advanced Marketing Automation Tactics That Every Business Must Implement



Marketing automation tools are necessary for the smooth working of any marketing department. These tools allow the marketer to be more effective at developing, planning and executing your decisions. With faster automation techniques, it is easier for companies to move ahead. Here are five advanced automation techniques you should be using for better sales prospects:


1. Lead Scoring


The primary use for lead scoring is to determine which leads are the hottest and most likely to be converted. By implementing lead scoring in your business, yourself and your employees will have a better understanding of what needs to be done to reach your sales targets, which leads need more work and which leads are soon to become customers.



2. Date Based Automation


Date-based automation helps you keep track of your prospects all year round. This is a great technique to get you to develop a personalised relationship with your prospect or customer. Date based automation can be used to target a subscriber on their birthday with a special offer for example or on special occasions such as New Year’s Eve, Christmas, Easter and other events.




3. Content Automation


In this section, a savvy business will realise that sending out relevant and useful content to the audience is important for converting prospects to customers. It is a great way to engage with the audience by informing rather than selling and providing content that is of great value to your prospects will help you to gain their trust.


4. Automated Drip Campaigns


A series of engaging, personalised and timely emails to the audience can be effective. This strategy can bring new clients to the business. The drip campaigns can most definitely be done to educate new customers, keep a check on the new leads and greet new customers.



5. Test Your Evaluation Techniques


After you have successfully applied the systems of lead scoring, lead nurturing, e-mail marketing and content and calendar automation, do an extensive research. Mix and match your strategies or divide them into segments to see which strategy works best. This trial and error method will help you keep a check on how frequently you should be using a particular strategy and which works best for your business.


Marketing automation tools are so important nowadays and they allow you to grow your business while your busy running your business. You can set automated campaigns to run in the background, so you know your leads are being nurtured while you concentrate on other things. If you need help with you marketing automation, give the team a call and we’ll happily share our advice to help you convert more prospects into customers.



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