5 Benefits of Having a CRM system for Small Businesses

As your business grows, your customer base grows with it and becomes increasingly difficult to manage if you currently rely on spreadsheets. Sifting though your customer data to find basic information is extremely time consuming and inefficient. Like what product they bought from you, what city they’re based in or when they became a customer. So, investing in a CRM system for your small business is a must if you’re looking to increase your sales and grow your business successfully.


Not convinced? Here are 5 benefits of having a CRM system for small businesses:



Benefits of Having a CRM system for Small Businesses

1. Increased Productivity


One of the many benefits of having a CRM system for small businesses is increased productivity. With all of your customer records stored in one, easily accessible place, yourself and your team are able to find the information they need within a few clicks. The need to spend 10 minutes scrolling through a long list of contactsin a spreadsheet just to find a prospect to call is abolished. Instead, you can access a whole list of prospects within seconds thanks to segmented groups in your CRM system. This means you have more time to spend on actually making sales calls that improve your bottom line!


Most good CRM systems will also have a tasks feature, for example InTouchCRM allows you to set yourself or a member of your team tasks and will send you an email every morning to inform you of what tasks you have coming up for completion. This helps you to stay on track and be as productive as possible.




2. The Ability to Automate and Improve Your Marketing



As previously mentioned, CRM systems give you easy access to vital customer data and using this data you’re able to create segmented lists to automatically target the right prospects with relevant material thanks to marketing automation.

What is marketing automation? You can read more about it here, but basically, marketing automation allows you to automate your marketing actions, for example, your emails. You simply build an email or a series of emails and tell your CRM exactly when to send each individual email and what list to send it to. Your automated campaigns can be as simple or complex as you like and they’re a hugely effective way of nurturing your prospects to turn them into customers.





3. Track, Measure and Improve Your Processes 


Having the ability to track and measure your businesses progress is another one of the great benefits of having a CRM system for small businesses. Having access to detailed reports and important data like email open-rates and click-through rates enables you to see what content is working in terms of your email marketing and what isn’t working so well. With this information, you can make improvements for greater success.


Another element you’re able to track in detail within most good CRM systems is your leads and sales. What is the total value of your pipeline? What is the total value of lost leads? What is the average time to close a deal? Who is at the top of your sales leader board? Having these answers at your fingertips is so useful to help you track your business growth.



Benefits of Having a CRM system for Small Businesses



4. Improve Your Customer Service


If a customer calls with a problem, you’ll be able to access their contact record which consists of any past interactions you’ve had with them. This means that you or your customer service team can refer back to this information to help them deal with the customer efficiently.


Imagine not having instant access to this data. Your customer calls about a fault with a product and you have to ask them what product they bought from you and when and would look very unprofessional. With a CRM system, you have easy access to all of your contact histories and can remain one step ahead of your customer.





5. Increased Efficiency Amongst Your Team


The 5th of many benefits of having a CRM system for small businesses is that CRM systems enable your whole team to access exactly the same information in one central place. Your sales team are able to see who is assigned to each lead and where that lead is in the sales process. Your customer service team is able to see which contacts have had problems in the past and as a manager, you’re able to see what tasks are being completed and when. Your entire team is on the same page.

And another great thing about CRM systems are that the majority of them are scalable. You’re a small business now but you’re bound to have aspirations to grow. As your team grows, your CRM can grow with you.

CRM systems, without a doubt increase your team’s efficiency in many ways and with cloud-based CRM, this efficiency remains wherever your team members are!


Still not convinced? 

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