5 Killer Sales Questions – Your Key to More Business

We all have conversations with potential customers, whether those are over the phone, face to face or even via email, yet sometimes we don’t know what questions to ask in order to close that deal, to get that paperwork signed and to ultimately win that customer. Sometimes it is a very British thing to not ask for the deal, it almost seems against our DNA, too polite almost.

Well here are 5 killer questions to getting that deal!


1. Will this Product/Service solve the most pressing issue in your business right now?

This question straight out of the blocks assumes you have done your due diligence of asking about the issues that they currently face within their business and then matching them with your product and/or service which will solve that issue. If you have match the right solution with the right problem, why wouldn’t they jump at the chance to solve it. If those boxes are ticked then this question will knock the deal out the park – they have a problem, you have the solution – Salt meet Vinegar, Bread meet Butter, Ant meet Dec 🙂 – the two just go together so why wouldn’t they buy?


2. Would that work for you?

During your conversation with the potential client, you will naturally build a rapport with them as you probe to find out what their burning issues are and build a solution to fix them.

Asking the simplest, closed question, such as “Would that work for you?” will elicit an equally simple answer “Yes” or “No” – if it’s know, you might need to work on your ability to read and understand the customer! If it is “Yes” – get the sales order form out and a signature on that dotted line!


3. How do you feel about that?

Sales is an emotional game, it’s about making people feel good and giving them that warm fuzzy feeling inside. So why wouldn’t you ask how they feel about the deal that you have just put on the table? If it makes them feel good – sold, if not, then there is some more work to do to close that gap, but asking how they are feeling is an important part of sales.


4. Is there any reason, if we gave you the product at this price, that you wouldn’t do business with our company?

The direct approach! Putting your cards on the table and asking them a multi-staged question – asking about the Product – is it the right one? Is it a good fit? Then asking about the Price – Too high? Too low? Just right? – you are covering your bases whilst asking them to picture the future working with this product and your company. If the product and the price are right – Job done.


5. What haven’t I covered that is important to you

Are you going to get the sale right away? No, probably not but asking the customer if you have covered what they need and most importantly, what is important to them, is key – it shows that you are actually interested in them and their needs, rather than making a quick buck or two. It may not sound like a killer closing question but it serves it’s purpose and that is to help build that relationship with the prospective customer, to show that you care about their needs rather than your commission or bottom line – and that counts in business.

So there you have it, five questions you can take to the bank when it comes to closing that all important deal!

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