At InTouch, we are always keen to improve the system and provide tools and help that allow you to achieve more.

We realise customer feedback is the most valuable asset we have as a company and that’s why, where possible we aim to develop and introduce new features to make our system even more rewarding for our customers! Our focus at InTouch is to help you turn more of your prospects into customers and customers into referrers!

With this in mind, here are some further details on 5 new features we’ve added into the system recently, just in case you currently hadn’t found them! Take a look at what these functions can offer you and how they can help you win more business and get more referrals!

  • Integration with Woo Commerce

You now have the ability to integrate not only with Kashflow, Buffer and WordPress but also with Woo Commerce. The e-commerce platform which powers over “28% of all online stores”! This integration will enable you to link your Woo Commerce site through to InTouch and then automatically pull all of your paying customers into InTouch and store the details of the sales they recorded. We know that this will make managing your contact database far easier.

Not only can you put these contacts into InTouch, you can now automatically link them to an automated campaign, so allowing you to create new customer onboarding campaigns which ensure you delight these new customers with help and support on the new products or services they have purchased. Statistics show those customers who deliver great service recommend and so create a new onboarding program for your new customers and see the impact this has!

 We’ve filmed a short video demonstrating exactly how you can set the woo commerce integration up in your account and how you can link it to an automated campaign.

The link Is below.

Click here to see how to Integrate with Woo-Commerce

  • Google Apps Integration

Another recent addition which was requested by many of our customers, was for InTouch to synch with Google messaging, Google Contacts and Google Calendars so that you can store details of key sales meetings via Google Apps on your mobile devices and automatically link these to your InTouch account.

The major two things the new integration will enable you to do are:

  1. Bring Gmail contacts into InTouch with ease and see details of the contact history you have with them stored in one place which is key if you’re to remember conversations with prospects.
  2. Ensure that your calendar is linked to InTouch for other colleagues to see, regardless of your location with the Google calendar integration. This allows admin staff to book appointments with prospects even when you are out and about working on existing projects.

We completed this integration because we know that your time is invaluable and we want you maximising every hour within each day! Here is a link to our support site showing you exactly how to set your InTouch account up with Google!

Click to see how to integrate with Google

  • Add organisations into a group and communicate with an Organisation

So many of our customers sell their products and services into businesses and not just into consumers. InTouch has always allowed you to communicate with contacts but a number of customers have asked for the ability to be able to group organisations together and communicate with the key people at these companies!

So rather than just being able to add a contact into a group or link a contact to an organisation, you now have the ability to add an organisation into a group.

This added functionality simplifies the user experience as it means you can now create more meaningful prospecting data in terms of groups of companies for you to target. Operating in this way allows you to make your prospect marketing even more precise than ever before!

Click to see our Support article which shows you how to put organisations into a group and then select these organisations to send communications to.


  • InTouch System and User Task Notifications

In order to simplify the workload process and keep everyone informed and on track, we’ve now added the ability to be notified when tasks are completed.

You will now receive a notification via email when either

  • A task is created for you
  • Tasks which you’ve assigned to others are completed!

As well as the default daily notification you get within InTouch when you first log in, to tell you which tasks you’ve got outstanding and need completing.

Here is our Support article which shows you how this works


  • Improvement to User Task reporting and Daily Notifications.

The final feature on our list today is one which will provide the most assistance to those who manage people in their team to get tasks done! Prospects don’t become customers just on their own. They need engaging with on a regular basis and this means you need to call or email them to let them know you are there.

We know that the companies who convert more prospects to customers do so because they engage with prospects on an average of 15 times! How do you remember to do this? Through setting up Automation campaigns which remind you to do these tasks and our new task reporting and notifications allow you to see what tasks have or haven’t been done by different members of your team!

You can now see the upcoming or complete tasks for your entire team, but you can also view see which ones your team are perhaps struggling with.

We hope that you will have seen a new notification bell which has been added to your account at the top right-hand corner. Just assign a task to someone in your team and when they have completed, you will see a red notification to show you that it has been completed! If you are a master admin user then you can also head to the reports area of the system and see details of which of your users have completed tasks, contact histories and made prospect updates that day or week.

You can within this area set up a daily email to be sent to you which can update you on what tasks are overdue, have been completed or which are due soon!

Please see the link here which shows how to do this!

We think this will really help not only managers but also every system to manage and prioritize their workload.


So just to conclude, these features have been made active within your InTouch account, in response to customer feedback which we always welcome and love to have! We are constantly assessing our system to see how we can improve not only it’s functionality, but also its user-friendliness. We are very happy to have released these functions into InTouch and we hope they help you convert more prospects and get more customer referrals!

If you have any new features you’d like built into InTouch then just get in contact with us, and we can then look at improving the system even further!


Please give us a call on 0333 2007273 to discuss any suggestions you may have or better still raise a support ticket!

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