5 Social Media Posts That Get your Followers Engaged

shutterstock_170062403As you work to build a following, one of the biggest challenges many of us face is coming up with fresh content ideas that can engage audiences.

There’s only so much excitement you can convey when it comes to your own products and services. Moreover, people don’t go on social media to buy or to make purchasing decisions. Not intentionally anyway. People go on social media sites to connect with friends and relatives and to share funny and exciting content they relate.

The key to keep audiences hyped and interacting with you is by keeping your social media channels fresh, interesting, engaging by having consistent variety. Keep your posts fun and light and try not to be too salesy. Always consider the 80/20 rule where only 20% of your posts and update should be about your product and what you sell. 80% of the time your content needs to be informative, sharable and relatable.

Here are 5 examples of such content that is guaranteed to get your followers buzzing with excitement.


Humorous, inspiring or motivational quotes always perform well. That’s because we all need a little more positivity and inspiration in our lives. Choose a thinker or leader who motivates you, then find one of their most inspiring quotes. Share it with the world, and you’ll make everyone’s day a little bit brighter.

Alternatively, take some quotes and give them a creative twist that make them relate to your particular business. Here’s how we’ve done it in the past via blog content.


Those have been some of our most mentioned and likes social media posts. Alternatively, you can use a tool such as Buffer’s Pablo, which allows you to share quotes in a beautiful visual way.


pablo (35)


#2 Competitions

Statistics show that social media audiences love to take advantage of competitions hosted by their favorite brands. If you develop a reputation as a social media brand that regularly rewards its audience, your engagement levels will grow and strengthen.

To find inspiration, simply check out the competitions some of your favorite brands are running. Be it a photo competition or one where people need to answer a simple question, running a game or contest is an easy and sure-fire way to get people engaged with your content.

Particularly with Halloween and Christmas just around the corner it seems like the time to run a competition is just right!

Here are a few ideas:

  • Christmas Jumper Competition
  • Show us your office decorations for Halloween/Christmas
  • Scariest Halloween costume etc

#3 Opinion Polls

Everybody has an opinion and everybody wants to express it, which is why almost all social networks have now introduced an opinion poll tool.

Use polls to show that your are interested in what your community has to say. This is great way to both engage with users as well as find what they really think. Polls give your social reach a voice, and show them you care to delight your community. It’s that simple!

#4 Industry Specific News

Depending on the industry you work in, your audience might be interested to know what happens in your environment.

Post a link to a news article that is related to your field. One good way to stay on top of news is to set up a Google Alert using a relevant keyword. If you provide work in the education sector for example, your followers might want to know about upcoming exams on a national level, new laws and legislations regarding school hours etc.

To be a leader in an industry, you have to have an expert knowledge of the WHOLE industry. Show your followers that you’re just that!

#5 Videos

People are watching tons of videos! Why? Because the content is easy to absorb and consciously or not, we all prefer visual content to simple plain written text.

More social networks are rolling out native video, demonstrating its growing value. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all have their own video features. And then there are the platforms whose main function is social video sharing, such as Periscope and YouTube.

Videos allow you to connect on a more emotional level, they tend to be shared more than any other type of social content.

You can have videos produced for as little as $5 on sites like Fiverr or better yet, find something relevant to your audience on YouTube and share that!

Alternatively you can shoot a video with a customer or interview a staff member using your phone. Find what works for you and what your audience responds to!
Resorting to the same types of posts over and over again can bore followers. This can lead to fewer likes, shares, comments and clicks on links you share.

Hopefully these 5 post ideas will help you re-engage with your audience. Which one are you going to try first?

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