5 Things you can Automate with InTouch

Today there is an app for almost everything. Apps that help you work faster, smarter and better (when they make an app for finding your car keys, I’ll let you know).

When it comes to business applications, we have calendars, organizers, apps that help you track expenses… The list is pretty long. But what we have, is an application that will not only help you do business more efficiently, it will help your organization grow and prosper.

So here we are introducing the ways in which InTouch can save you time and make your day-to-day business responsibilities run smoother. One of the beauties of marketing automation software is the ability to automate mundane and repetitive tasks. Ready to find out how InTouch can save you hours of manual ‘labour’?

Here we go:

#1 Central database

Gone are the days when every computer in the office had a customer details spreadsheets on. This used to cause discrepancies, misunderstandings, and how on earth do you know that the information that you have on your computer is the latest update customer information?

With InTouch, you can make use of a central contact management system, that is available for all your employees to access and bring up-to-date.

#2 Managing your email

Email Marketing

Never again let a customer email slip by or an important message left unsent. Schedule emails so that they go out when you want them to, for example a welcome email whenever a client signs up for your newsletter or a organised email to wish them Happy Birthday on their special day, or announce a new sale. That’s right, InTouch works even when you sleep so you don’t have to.

In addition, you will be able to see how many of your email marketing campaigns have gone out, their success rate, how many have been opened and delivered, how many people clicked on links etc.

#3 Managing your calendar (and that of your staff too)

To avoid confusion in your company with regards to tasks and upcoming events simply add them to your calendar. To make it even better, you can now see your employees’ calendars too and synchronize your activities!

#4 Conduct surveys (and analyse the results)

Instead of using external application to conduct surveys, use InTouch as an analytics engine. Design unique online surveys that fit the specific needs of your business and send them to contacts from your database. Easy peasy! Next, simply look at the reports where all the information has been compiled and analysed for you!

#5 Data straight to your database

Database updates

Create a sign-up form, put it on your website and social media accounts, sit back and enjoy. With our sign-up forms customers’ details will be input straight into your database. Saves you the time of transferring data from a spreadsheet to the database, and you generate the information you need. If you require a name, email address and a phone number, simply ask for those details in the sign-up form. Pretty straight forward, right?

We only scratched the surface here, but I hope this post helped you realize the potential InTouch has and how it can automate repetitive tasks and make life for you easier! Let us know what you think in the comment section below or even give the system a go and take a free trial.


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