5 Top Tips to Ask for Referrals and Get More Business



Word of mouth advertising is the best advertising a business can get. This is because people will naturally place more trust the word of someone they know than a testimonial from a stranger no matter how positive it is. If a friend says using product X is amazing to use, you will no doubt try it out the next time you are at the store. With this in mind, referrals are key to win more business. So how can a business ask for referrals effectively?




Ensure you Provide Outstanding Customer Service Before Asking for Referrals


A customer must be impressed with your customer service to mention your brand in a positive way. Do your best to satisfy your customer before asking for a referral. A happy customer is easy to approach and receptive to a request for referrals. Choose your timing wisely- do not make the request when before you know that your customer is 100% happy with the service you have provided.

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Social Media Engagement


Your customers will be very likely to be on one social media platform or another. Being active on social media offers several benefits including brand visibility and customer engagement.   Encourage your customers to follow your social media handles. Be sure to share content that is valuable and informative to your customers, and encourage them to share it too. What you are looking to do is trigger a conversation around your brand. By sharing your content, your customers will be referring your company in an indirect way.




Send out a Survey

Sending out a survey serves dual purpose. It provides you with feedback you can use to make improvements in your business while giving you an opening to ask for referrals. You can ask your customers to rate your service and then ask those who rate you positively to give you two contacts they think could also benefit from your product or service.




Offer Valuable Content & Resources


Sharing newsletters, product reviews, white papers and other goodies keeps you on your customers’ radar. It establishes you as an authority in the industry. The simple fact is that today’s customer is more informed and likely to go through more content to make a purchasing decision. Ask your recipients to share these content and resources.




Offer Incentives


People respond well to incentives. Simple incentives like a gift card, a plaque or even a free product will work well. Ask your customers to refer your company in return for these incentives and as long as they’re satisfied with your product or service, they’ll have no reason not to!

Referrals work better than any adverts you can create. Your client base will keep growing and thriving when you perfect asking for referrals.




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