5 Ways CRM Systems Help Improve Your Sales Process

5 Ways CRM Systems Help Improve Your Sales Process


When a business is first established and has just a handful of customers and employees, keeping track of the sales process is reasonably simple. However, as the customer base grows it becomes harder to track where a customer is in the sales pipeline, who’s taking ownership of what deal and what needs to be done to get a prospect over the line.


Productivity begins to suffer and leads begin to fall through the net due to a lack of organisation and structure. This is where CRM systems can help. They can help improve your sales process, shorten the sales cycle and close more business. Here’s how:


1. Automate Your Data Entry


Data entry is a crucial but time consuming task. Using a CRM system eliminates the need to continuously waste your time updating Excel spreadsheets. Your CRM system will automatically save new customer data to your system using integrated webforms linked to your account. By eliminating your team’s need to spend time on menial tasks like data entry, they can spend their time more wisely on bringing prospects over the line. Therefore, helping to improve your sales process and speed up the time it takes to convert prospects.



5 Ways CRM Systems Help Improve Your Sales Process- Central Location

2. Centralised Information Source


Valuable time is wasted when sales teams have to dig through huge data files to get to client details that they need. It also becomes inefficient for different sales staff to have different details for the same customer. CRM eliminates this inefficiency by storing prospect and customer data in one, central location.

It becomes easier and quicker to locate client details using a CRM system. CRM systems also enable your team to record details of interactions they have had with individual customers centrally so your team remains on the same page and the risk of repetitiveness is eliminated. This will therefore improve your sales process because your prospects and customer will receive a more efficient service.



3. Better Lead Nurturing


According to studies, it takes 8-12 contacts to convert a lead.  It’s unrealistic therefore to believe that a prospect will become a customer after just a couple of phone calls or emails. The lead must first be convinced to buy from you using valuable, informative and relevant content. CRM systems enable you to segment your customer data and then nurture your leads automatically using email and SMS marketing.

Thanks to marketing automation, your lead nurturing campaigns can be set up in advance and set to run in the background. This allows your sales teams to concentrate on bringing hotter leads over the line while colder prospects are being nurtured in the background.



4. 24/7 Access


CRM systems help to improve your sales process by allowing your sales teams 24/7 access to your CRM system. Cloud-based CRM systems, like InTouch, enable sales teams to fetch information from anyplace and anytime. This can help with prospecting on the go. It also becomes easier to deal with different client issues when their history can be accessed quickly, from anywhere, at any time.



5. Better Team Coordination

5 Ways CRM Systems Help Improve Your Sales Process


A sales team is able to perform better when it is more cohesive and pulling in one direction.  CRM enables different team members to stay up to date with one another. They know which leads are assigned to which member of staff, meaning that no lead is missed. If a member of your sales team happens to have a conversation with a lead who is assigned to a different member of staff, they can simply update their contact record with details of the conversation and also set each other tasks. This helps to improve your sales process because there is no confusion amongst the team, they’re not stepping on each other’s toes and your process therefore becomes far more efficient.


A Customer Relationship Management system is a vital tool in making the sales process more efficient, and freeing up time for staff, leading to increased productivity. If you’re looking for a CRM system that can provide you with all of these benefits and more, take a free trial of InTouchCRM today.


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