5 Ways to Boost your Customer Retention During the Christmas Period

Christmas is a huge opportunity for businesses to give their sales a huge boost, however it also marks the end of a year and a time when customers might be looking for a fresh start and a different solution to their problems and may start to look to your competitors.


So, what can you do to retain more customers and ensure you don’t miss out on sales this Christmas?


1. Send your Top 5 Customers a Gift

Christmas is a time for giving and in business, it should be no different. So, to boost your customer retention, delight your top 5 customers by sending them a Christmas gift. This doesn’t have to break the bank; a box of chocolates, a bottle of wine, a hamper or a gift voucher for example- anything to spread a bit of festive cheer!


But remember, don’t give to receive- this shouldn’t be about immediately making another sale so include a genuine message wishing them a merry Christmas and don’t try to sell to them.


This small gesture will go a long way and whilst you’re unlikely to see an immediate return, it will pay off later down the line. Your customer will be made to feel special and appreciated and they’ll certainly be encouraged to keep coming back to you in 2019.  

2. Send Christmas Cards

Sending a Christmas card to your customers is another great way to show your appreciation and boost your customer retention during the Christmas period. 


However, depending how many customers you have, this can be expensive. Alternatively, why not send out a festive email to wish them a merry Christmas? Add a few extra, Christmassy touches to your usual email design (you can do this really easily with our new email editor) and make your customers smile.


3. Offer Exclusive Christmas Discount, Lasting into the New Year

Offer your existing customers an exclusive, seasonal discount that they can use up until January. Doing this will boost your customer retention during the Christmas period as well as getting 2019 off to a great start. Whether it’s 20% off your product or a buy one get one free offer- your customers will really appreciate a helping hand when January sets in and money is a bit tight.

4. Offer a January Sale

Sales are everywhere come January and if you’re not offering your customers an incentive to come back to you, you could miss out. So, markdown some of your products and services after Christmas and give your numbers a boost ready for 2019.

5. Provide Incredible Customer Service

Christmas is a busy time for many industries and there’s a danger that staff morale can drop because due to the strain put on your employees. However, no one wants to receive poor customer service- least of all over Christmas. If a customer receives a poor service, they will look elsewhere so make customer care a priority this Christmas to keep your customers coming back to you again and again.

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