5 Incredible Ways to Grow Your Email List For Success

It is simple. The more leads you generate, the higher the likelihood that you will convert a higher number of them and grow your revenue. For any business, growing an email list is crucial because these leads can then be nurtured and converted by a variety of marketing techniques. But first, you must get them hooked and enticed enough for them to give you their emails. What tactics can you use in your business to rapidly grow your email list?



1. Make Your Opt-in Forms Impossible to Miss



Making your opt-in forms as visible as possible is a key technique to help you grow your email list. Don’t hide your forms in your website footer where they are the last thing your visitor see. Consider these tips:



  • Place your form above the fold:

The area above the fold is the first thing visitors see when they enter your website and therefore it’s vital that you catch their attention immediately. Neil Patel’s website is a perfect example of a highly visible form that is placed above the fold. His call to action is clear and cannot be missed.

Grow Your Email List For Success_ Neil Patel


  • Pop ups

Yes, pop ups can be irritating but they work! They demand your visitor’s attention and they have no choice but to take action; whether that’s clicking the pop-up down or following your call-to-action. The key thing to do when you’re designing your pop-up is to make the exit button visible. Hiding the exit button will only mean your visitors will click off your website all together. The second thing to adjust is the frequency of your pop-up. Ensure that it only pops up once per session and doesn’t pop up on every new page!



  • Multi places:

Place your opt-in form in multiple places on your homepage. Consider placing above the fold, in the side bar and in the footer.





2. Place a Lead Magnet at the End of Every Blog 


Offer your readers something of value like an e-book, article or video in return for their email address (like we have done below!). Ensure that the product is related to the content they are reading and you’ll successfully begin to grow your email list. Here are a few more examples of what you could offer:


  • Webinar
  • Worksheet
  • Podcast
  • Infographic
  • Cheat Sheet
  • Access to resource library



3. Share Your Lead Magnet on Social Media 

Grow Your Email List For Success_ Facebook Sign Up


By sharing your lead magnet on social media, you’re promoting it to a whole new audience and will therefore increasing your chances to grow your email list. Here are a few ways to promote it on social media:


  • Write an engaging and enticing tweet and pin it to the top of your Twitter profile



  • Run paid campaigns


  • Share it a few times a week in a tweet or status and make use of hashtags to increase your reach


  • Place a link to your landing page on your Facebook page



4. Collect Email Addresses at Networking Events 


If you attend a networking event, have your sign-up form to hand to allow anyone you engage with to provide you with their contact details quickly and easily. Store the link to your webform as a bookmark in your phone and make it accessible to you as possible.

Alternatively, if you’re exhibiting at an event, have the form displayed on an iPad on your table and invite people to sign up to your communications. This is a really simple way to help grow your email list on the go.




5. Add a QR Code to Your Sign Up Forms 



Simply generate a QR code that links directly to your sign-up form or to your landing page. Print it on your flyers, brochures, business cards and banners and distribute them at events you attend. This gives your prospects a second chance to sign up to your communications, if they didn’t on the day of meeting with you.


So there are 5 lead generation ideas to grow your email list. Implement these in your business and you’re sure to gain more leads that you can then nurture through to purchasing your product or service and becoming a customer.






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