6 Benefits of Sending out Surveys to Your Customers

6 Benefits of Sending out Surveys to Your Customers


Customer satisfaction is what keeps your clients coming back. Any smart marketer knows that it is cheaper to win more business from your existing customer than acquiring new customers. Knowing the satisfaction levels of your customers should be an ongoing task if you plan on keeping them for the long-term. Sending out surveys is a straightforward, simple way of collecting data on customer satisfaction and is an important task for businesses to complete on a regular basis. Here’s why:



1. Improve Your Product or Service


You offer a product or service to the market because you think that there is a need for it. It is important to know whether your product is meeting the needs of each individual customer or whether there are areas that require improvement. This can be achieved by sending out a simple satisfaction survey.

Questions could be, what improvements would your customers like to see in relation to your product or service? What 3 features do they find most valuable? How would they rate the value for money of your product or service? And would they recommend it to others?

The answers you elicit from your customers can help you to make improvements to your products or service that your customers really want to see.



2. Show You Care


Asking your customers to complete the occasional survey shows that you really value their opinions and that you’re constantly striving to improve your product or service. If you can show that you take their opinions into consideration by acting on the feedback they have provided then even better!



3. Improve Your Outbound Sales


By sending out surveys and receiving positive feedback, you will automatically gain testimonials that you can use in your future sales and marketing materials. With your customer’s consent of course, their comments could be used on your website and on printed materials to promote your business and win new customers.



4. Measure Against Your Competition


Knowing where you stand against the competition is the best way of staying ahead in the game. You can ask your survey respondents to rate your product/service against the competition if they have anything to compare you against.

When you know what your customers think about you in comparison to the competition, you can quickly adapt the better practices of the competition and retain customers.



5. Prioritise Customer Concerns 


You may be thinking that slow order processing is the biggest customer concern while it is actually poor product specification that is the top concern because customers are finding it hard to use your product. Prioritising customer concerns makes your business appear responsive and you can address these concerns before they become full-blown grievances from angry customers.



6. Improve Morale


Getting great feedback from customers can help to boost morale and motivation amongst your team. Everybody loves to be praised and recognised for their hard work and sending out surveys can be a great way of providing genuine feedback for your team.


Market feedback is crucial for any business. The knowledge gathered in a survey can be used to not only improve your product or service but also strengthen your relationships with your customers, gain insight into the competition and increase your sales. Sending out surveys on a regular basis enables your business to adapt and thrive.


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