6 Reasons Why Big Businesses Use Automation and Why You Are Missing a Trick

Back in 2015, 59% of B2B Fortune 500 companies were already using marketing automation, fast forward to today and you can imagine that number is probably closer to 90% if not more. Marketing automation has been something that has revolutionised how businesses market themselves as well as how they convert prospects into customers, quickly, effectively and in a cost effective way.

Are the reasons for them using marketing automation, the same as your reasons would be? Check them out:

  1. Reduce your staffing costs Marketing automation allows you to have a one to many relationship with prospects, whilst keeping it very one to one (I know, that might sound technical!). When you think of the traditional sales process, one employee speaks to one prospect, before calling the next, and so on – very time consuming, very dependant on staff.The big plus for marketing automation is the fact that some of the day to day interactions can be automated, saving time and the number of staff needed. With emails going out and warming the prospect up, getting them to click on call to actions and then being able to call the prospects when they are ready to do the transaction – simple and effective use of employees time.
  2. Increased revenue and average deal size There is no limit on the number of automated campaigns that you can have running and there is certainly no limit in terms of when they run. This means that you increase your revenue and average deal size because you can upsell and even cross sell in your communications, leaving it to the prospect to decide on what they need. This is where people like Amazon excel with the simple line “people who bought X also bought Y, Z as well”. This engages that part of the brain that wants to fit in and keep up with the latest trends, etc so you are enticed to purchase more than you originally wanted.Marketing Automation also brings up the revenue because of the decreased staffing costs.
  3. Less Repetition, More Time One of the problems that kills productivity with sales teams is the repetitive nature of what they are doing and saying – they send the same emails, have the same conversations, etc and before long they are going through the motions.Using marketing automation means that they don’t have to send that email manually each time, they drop that prospect into the relevant sequence, saving them time and cutting the repetition down to a minimum. Just imaging what you and your team could do with an extra hour or two each day…
  4. Eliminate Randomness with Lethal Targeting The majority of businesses fire from the hip, they do things off the cuff and hope it works – then the next time they try something different. The problem with this is the simple randomness of it. What marketing automation allows you to do is to try something, become very targeted with it, so that you are getting the right message to the right people – measuring it and then tweaking it where needed to enhance it.People have said for years that you need to be targeted in what you do and who you do it with, yet a lot of companies see that as hard work and then they blast out content and messages – each one conflicting and confusing. Marketing automation allows you to become targeted and to drive prospects to that all important transaction.
  5. Reduce lead conversion time The holy grail of sales, how to get prospects to convert to customers quicker! Every business searches for the best way to do this, but only big businesses have the resources to do the research to find out how to, and guess what…. Marketing Automation is what they came up with!Working intelligently to nurture prospects through automation means that you can easily shave off 25% of your lead time, showing the benefits of what you are offering and spending time with the prospects, without actually spending hours on the phone with them.Who doesn’t want more businesses quicker?
  6. Repurpose existing content Sometimes people see marketing automation as the need to come up with new content to string together, in order to nurture prospects and then convert them. This can sometimes be true if you are trying to sell a new product/service, however what people over look is the fact that these prospects haven’t seen your back catalog of blogs, articles, whitepapers or videos – so don’t let them go to waste!Repurposing content in this way means that you use all that hard work all over again, it also means that you can see what works and what doesn’t work before you head off to write your next blog, etc. Use the information and work intelligently.

So those are 6 simple reasons why big businesses use marketing automation for their businesses, the question is, if they are using it – why aren’t you?

Getting your business in a position to sell requires you to convert more prospects into customers on a regular basis! If you need some help doing this then please contact me. I would love to help you make this happen. Contact me at m.ruddle@intouchcrm.com or call my office on 0333 200 7273 and we can arrange a time to talk!

Matthew Ruddle
Head of Sales and Marketing

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