6 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Investing In a CRM System

6 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Investing In a CRM System

A Customer Relationship Management system (CRM), is the most effective customer acquisition and retention tool that a business can invest in. Using a CRM system, you’re able to collect a huge wealth of data such as your customer’s demographics, their location, their spending habits, their engagement with your brand, their preferences, their feedback and other vital information that is very useful to your marketing campaigns and business growth.  Here are 6 reasons your business should be investing in a CRM system:



1. Investing in a CRM System Will Help you Sell More to Your Existing Customers



A CRM system offers rich data about your present customers. Using your CRM system, you can collect whatever data you require in order to target the right customers with the right offer, leading to an increase in sales. For example, using a simple webform, you can create your own custom fields in order to collect specific details from your customer. This could be their birthday, their age, their location, their industry; anything that will be useful to your marketing. With this information, you can then send your customers personalised offers, like a birthday discount for example.




2. Investing in a CRM System Will Help You Generate More Leads 



There are several ways that your CRM system will help you to generate more leads. Firstly, again, through the use of webforms. Put a simple webform on your homepage and ask for your visitor’s email address in return for a freebie. It’s that simple.


The second way is your CRM system will help you gain referrals. How? Because it enables you to analyse the engagement you’ve had with existing customers and see who your most satisfied customers are. You can then reach out to these customers and ask them to refer your company to a friend.



3. Investing in a CRM System Will Improve Your Customer Service 



Effective customer service is the best customer retention strategy. Happy customers will come back while unhappy ones will not. It is important to know if your customers are satisfied, and if they are not, find out the reasons and fix them. And a CRM system will allow you to do just that. A CRM system is very useful in collecting data on customer satisfaction. What are the top complaints? Is it a faulty product or poor after-sales support? Advanced CRM systems will enable you to send out customer surveys and gain valuable customer feedback. It will also ensure that your team remains on the same page by giving them one, central location to store important details. For example, a member of your sales team has a conversation with a prospect. A week later that prospect phones again and another member of the team takes the call. They are able to refer back to the details of the call that the first salesperson stored in your CRM. This means that your customer receives a more efficient service.




4. Investing in a CRM System Will Help You Make Smarter Offers 




A CRM system can easily tell you which leads are hot and which leads need more work before they’ll convert to a customer. It does this through lead scoring. This means you can concentrate your efforts on the warmer leads and adapt your offers to move your colder leads through your sales process. This brings us on to the next point.





5. Investing in a CRM System Will Enable You To Nurture Your Prospects



Lead nurturing is hugely important in any industry and is vital if you want to convert prospects on a regular basis. Your CRM system will allow you to nurture your prospects with very little work involved thanks to marketing automation. You can create a marketing campaign which consists of a series of emails that will convince your prospects to buy from you. This can be set to run in the background while you concentrate on bringing your prospects over the line.





6. Investing in a CRM System Will Improve Your Team’s Organisation



As mentioned earlier, every detail of interactions between your staff and your customers can be logged in your CRM system. But not only that, you can also tell your CRM to remind you to complete tasks. If for example, you speak to a prospect and you tell them you’ll follow up with them in a week’s time; you can enter this into your system and you’ll receive a reminder the following week. Your CRM can also hold your most important documents for quick and easy access which, in cloud-based systems can be reached from anywhere in the world. This improves your team’s organistion, collaboration and processes for greater success.


If you’re looking for a CRM system that will empower you to achieve all of this. InTouchCRM is your answer. Take a free trial and see for yourself.




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