6 Ways To Get Better Click-Through Rates From E-mails


E-mail marketing is certainly not dead. It has one of the best engagement rates and returns in any marketing strategy. One way of determining the effectiveness of e-mail marketing is to track e-mail click-through rates and from this data you can adapt and improve your emails accordingly. So what can you do to get better click-through rates?



1. A Captivating Subject Line


An engaging subject line is an all-time essential for viewer attraction.  The subject line is the primary thing that a viewer sees so it has to be optimised and alluring for the viewer to click on. If you can get them to open the email, you have more chance of getting better click-through rates. Your goal must be to create an easily readable, yet engaging subject line to pull readers to the company’s services. Ultimately, through an extensive system of trial- and error and constant testing, you can improve further in this field. (Click here for more advice on writing great subject lines.)





2. Personalisation


Emails must be written as if they are exclusively written for the person reading them. If you are writing to your existing customers and subscribers, the name of the recipient should be included. This increases familiarity and trust with your prospect or customer.





3. Write Quality Content


This is probably one of the most important and relevant rules for better click-through rates via e-mail marketing. If you write content that is informative, interesting and engaging, it will boost your click-through rates by a considerable stretch. There are some shady companies that use click-bait-ey and bogus schemes to get the viewers to click on their e-mails but eventually, they will be losing customers at a rapid pace. If you are sending promotional spamming content, it could permanently get you transferred to the spam folder.




4. Time Matters


How frequently are you sending out e-mails? How has your click-through rate improved or taken a hit because of that? If you are one of those businesses that constantly swarm their customers with promotional e-mails, then it is time to reconsider your moves. Sending engaging, high-quality content less frequently- but regularly  is bound to increase your click-through rates. You should also consider which day of the week you send out emails and also what time. This is another area which requires a lot of trial and error to find out what works for your company.





5. Send From A Person, Instead Of A Brand Name


This is a great piece of advice that unfortunately few people follow. If the email comes from an individual instead of a company it is more likely to get read. It doesn’t get marked as an advertising mail. An email from an individual is more personalised and interesting for the viewer to read.




6. Mobile Friendly Formatting


This is the era of smartphones. Everybody whips out their smartphones for almost anything from business engagement to casual entertainment. You are in trouble if your emails are not readable on mobile. If your emails are responsive, you’ll get better click-through rates due to the number of people using their mobiles to read emails nowadays.



So there are our top tips to get better click-through rates. Email marketing is a difficult thing to master, but with tweaking, patience and trial and error, the hard work will eventually pay off. What do you find works for you? We’d love to hear your top tips!



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