Content Marketing: The Key to Lead Nurturing



The distance any marketing campaign will go is dependent on the quality of the content you have. You cannot go far with poor content, and you will surely fail if your content marketing plan is disorganised. The world has gotten to a stage where people do not like to be disturbed by irrelevant information. Everyone is looking for valuable and direct information. In business, nobody likes a marketing technique that beats around the bush and offers junk to customers. One of the best marketing techniques of the 21st century is lead nurturing. Lead nurturing has helped to convert more prospects into customers. It has shown to be very effective in improving sales and also leading to economic growth. But with the wrong content even lead nurturing will not produce the desired result.



Lead nurturing is not rocket science. It is simply the act of providing relevant and timely information about a specific product to an interested customer. It is automated and tries to streamline the information to match the specific questions a potential buyer has.



There are various stages of lead nurturing. These steps are usually represented using a funnel. The top of the funnel represents people who just showed interest in the product but have not set their minds to buy it. The middle of the funnel is those whose interests have grown and are edging closer to making a decision. While the last stage represents those who have gotten to a stage that making a deal is the next step they would take. The ability to navigate customers from point A in this funnel to the last point is lead nurturing. However to achieve this, you need to provide the prospect with valuable information on the product, what the product is all about, the relevant information they need to know and also answer their questions. This process of giving the potential customers information about the product is content marketing.



Why Content Marketing is Key to Lead Nurturing


So from what has been explained above, you can see that there can be no lead nurturing without content marketing. So to make your lead nurturing activities worthwhile, you MUST develop good content. Because for you to be able to move a person from the top of the funnel to the middle,  you need to spark their interest; at this stage you might make use of content that isn’t necessarily product-specific but educates your prospect on your offering, this could be in the form of blog posts, articles or infographics. In the middle of the funnel, the content you give to the person becomes more specific because at this stage the person is close to making a decision but needs slightly more convincing. During this stage you might share content such as product-specific videos or case studies. At the last stage, you must validate that they are making the right decision using customer testimonials and product reviews.  If your content is not engaging and informative you will end up not benefiting from lead nurturing.


So good content marketing is not just the key to lead nurturing, it is the heart of it.




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