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Customer Feedback: Worth its Weight in Gold

Are you answering the current needs of your customers? What percentage of your clients is satisfied with the service of your company? How do your valued customers compare your brand with competitors?


Customer feedback helps answer these questions and more and should be treated as a vital part of your long-term marketing strategy. Why? In a nutshell, your customers are at the heart of your business and understanding what they want is essential to making your brand work.

Additional reasons for incorporating customer feedback into your overall marketing efforts include understanding why lost customers have decided to no longer by your products, improving relations with current customers and receiving inexpensive and honest business advice.

Plus, future customers may be willing to give you a shot based on your excellent customer service through word of mouth by your current clients.

So how do you get customer feedback? It’s important to ask them open-ended questions and/or use a 1-10 rating system to receive the most accurate results about your brand. The following are commonly used tools to collect this feedback.

  • Post-transaction telephone surveys
  • Focus groups
  • Comment cards
  • Website usability tests
  • Live chat
  • Social networks
  • Online surveys

At InTouch, we understand that receiving direct feedback from customers is worth its weight in gold. Which is why we proudly offer a marketing survey tool that quickly creates online surveys that you can tailor to your requirements and send via an email campaign.

Options with our survey tool include choosing closed or open-ended questions, creating questions that ask for a 1-10 rating, adding text boxes to invite comments and feedback and more.

We recognise that without understanding what your customers needs are it would be impossible to have any of the success that you do. Their feedback provides an invaluable way to keep your business going in a positive direction for lasting results.

This is why our promise to you is to make it fun and easy to collect feedback meeting your exact requirements so you can better build your brand and take it to the next level.

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