Developing Your Business Personality: Why You SHOULD Care About What People Think Of You



Most of us grew up being taught that we must not care what other people think of us. Even as adults, during motivational talks and development training, we are taught not to let the opinions of other people affect us. In as much as there is a truth in those instructions, it must not be applied in the world of business. Here, the opinions of other people matter and the impression you have out there can make or mar your business.


In business, we are constantly trying to sell ourselves to the public, always making efforts to create a superb image to our prospects with the aim of gaining more customers. So if you want to go into business, just bury that idea of not caring what people think about you.


A business personality is a vital part of your brand; it is what makes your brand stand out from the crowd of competitors in your industry.  It is the face of your business and you must build and maintain it as if your life depends on it.



Develop your business personality

Developing your Business Personality


Developing a consistent and compelling business personality is not a day’s job, it is a continuous process that keeps the good name of your brand; the stronger your personality, the better your business and the greater your chances of recording higher profits.



Developing a business personality involves;


1. Knowing your market


Look at your goods and services and who they are meant for, then study your target market. If the people you want to woo are seniors, you may want to reduce the memes on your website and replace them with more serious quotes. Know your target and find out the best way to communicate with them, then adjust your brand’s voice accordingly.


2. Not charging over the odds


You do not want to be known as that brand that digs a big hole into people’s pocket. Be smart!

If your products or services cost too much money, people will abandon you for your competitors even if you offer better quality. And if anyone mentions your brand name in public, there will always be one of two voices that will say it is too expensive so they would rather use others, this is not good for business and is a bad impression. So, study your industry very well and know the existing method of pricing, so you don’t scare customers away.


3. Having great customer service

The customer's perception is your reality

Most of the brands I dislike today are a result of how their customer service treated me. Having a friendly customer service unit is one of the most effective methods to use in creating a good business personality. Train your customer service personnel to give a good impression to clients and control situations when they encounter rude customers. What brands should understand is that when clients are satisfied, they do not keep quiet about it, so make them feel important, and you’ll see improved ratings.



If you don’t care about what your customers think of you and your business, you will fail. Unhappy customers won’t only go elsewhere if they’re dissatisfied with the service you have provided, but they’ll also tell their friends, family, colleagues and anyone else that will listen about why they should avoid your company so ALWAYS care about what others think of you in business and always put your customers first.




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