How Marketing Automation Saves You Time & Money & Converts More Leads

How Marketing Automation Saves You Time & Money & Converts More Leads

In the days past, small businesses would only dream of reaching big global audiences as they lacked the resources and the budget to carry out big marketing campaigns. These days, however, smart use of technology gives small businesses the same platform to roll with the giants for a small price. Marketing automation enables any business, big or small to reach its target audience with better-targeted marketing content, in a timely manner, and with little resources.



What is Marketing Automation?


Marketing automation is the deployment of technology to automate marketing activities, workflows, and strategies. It enables measuring of these activities to make marketing more relevant and ensure a higher ROI on marketing cost and time. When done properly, marketing automation helps a business achieve a consistent growth rate.


How will it save you time and money?


Marketing automation systems like InTouch will nurture your colder prospects in the background while your sales team focuses on your hotter leads. This saves your sales team valuable time because it eliminates the need to send out individual emails to each and every one of your prospects. Instead, the system will send personalised emails which are triggered by your prospect’s actions. For example; if a prospect clicks a link to a product in your email, they will automatically be dropped into another campaign (that you have built) and can be drip fed content related to that product. This ensures that your prospects are receiving content that is relevant to them.


Another way automation will save you time is through automatic tasks and reminders. Your team will not have to trawl through the system searching for different prospects to call, because they can use automatic reminders and tasks to follow up with prospects. How does this work? Again, tasks can be set automatically based on certain triggers. If a prospect completes a certain action, the system will automatically set a task for you to call them for example. What’s more is that those tasks will be linked directly to the prospect’s contact record, meaning their contact details will be right there in front of them, saving valuable time searching for the prospect.


Marketing automation systems also enable you to generate leads easily and at no extra cost using webforms. All you have to do is spend a couple of minutes creating your webform and copying it to your website. This then sits on your homepage or landing page and allows you to collect email addresses, telephone numbers and any other custom information you need. Again, this works in the background without your sales team having to lift a finger.


Marketing automation can work very well for a resource-limited company, by automating repetitive tasks and nurturing your leads in the background for better marketing results at an extremely low cost. Even big businesses with unlimited resources will find their efficiency in marketing greatly improved by marketing automation. Want to try it for yourself? Take a free trial of InTouchCRM here!



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