How to Communicate Better With Your Clients Using CRM

How to Communicate Better With Your Clients Using CRM


Communication is at the heart of everything we do in business. Without some form of communication, it’s very unlikely that you would have a business at all. Communication both internally and externally is important but communicating effectively with customers is vital.


In this post, we’re going to be discussing how to communicate better with your clients using CRM.


Never Forget to Follow Up


In sales, you are likely to be dealing with hundreds of customers every week and keeping track of every customer can be a challenge. From a customer’s point of view, it can be extremely frustrating when you are promised a call-back or a follow-up call and it doesn’t happen. CRM systems like InTouch have task and reminder features that can eliminate human error when it comes to remembering to follow up with prospects and customers.


You can make use of these features by using tasks as part of your automated campaigns. For example, if a customer clicks a link in an email, the system will automatically set you a task to call them. This means you’re able to communicate better with your clients as no client is forgotten about and the service you offer is therefore greatly improved.




Personalise your Communications


According to Experian, brands that personalise promotional marketing emails experience 27% higher unique click rates and 11% higher open rates than those that do not personalise. This indicates that customers are far more engaged with personalised emails than non-personalised emails. Therefore, making use of personalisation is highly beneficial in order to communicate better with your clients.



Send Them Communications They’re Interested In



Segmentation is an extremely powerful feature of CRM systems. Sending communications that your client is interested in and that is of value to them, will mean that they are more likely to open your emails, therefore remaining engaged with your brand. There are many ways you can segment your customer data effectively, including by location, age range, industry or purchase history. (For more ideas on how to segment your data, click here.) This can also be done automatically by your system, based on the data you collect via webforms or information you learn about your customers along the way.


Not segmenting your data and sending out one generic email to your whole database it like a fisherman wanting to catch a particular fish but instead of using a rod, he uses a net. The fisherman may catch the fish he wanted but he’ll also waste a lot of time and effort pulling in hundreds of unwanted fish. The same applies to unsegmented email lists. You might send a generic email to 500 hundred people and out of those 500, only one person is interested in your message. However, if you tailor your message to target a small group of 20 people, you will see a far better result.



How to Communicate Better With Your Clients Using CRM- Segmentation



Communicate On The Go



Cloud-based CRM systems like InTouch can help you communicate better with your clients because you are able to access your system from any location, ensuring a prompt and efficient service. It also means that even if your team works remotely, they can still collaborate in exactly the same way and your customers won’t know any different.




Make Use of Automation



Automating your email marketing is guaranteed to ensure you communicate better with your clients and prospects. It means that they receive regular communications from you the moment you capture their data, with very little work required on your part. The possibilities are endless with automation, but here are some campaign ideas you can make use of in your business.


Automated marketing means that you can focus on other areas of your business knowing that your CRM system is automatically nurturing new prospects and keeping existed clients engaged and interested in your brand.


So there are a number ways to communicate better with your clients using CRM. Systems like InTouch can not only improve your communication with prospects and customers but it can also lead to improved customer service and therefore increased sales.


If you’re yet to implement a CRM system in your business, try out InTouch completely free for 14 days by clicking here.



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