How to Create a Business Page on Facebook
Step by Step 2014

Why do you need a Business Page on Facebook?

Social media is an integral part of our lives and there is no denying it. As of October last year, there were more than 500 million people on Facebook. That is 500 million people who are sharing, liking, commenting, interacting with companies and yes, buying products.

So if you have decided to join the wonderful world of Facebook, begin interacting with customers and grow your business using the most popular of networking platforms, you are off to a great start!

How to Create a Business Page on Facebook

With the constant update of Facebook (everything from privacy rules to design of the timeline) it is easy to get confused. To make it super easy and stress-free for you here is a step by step guide to creating a business page.


How to create a business page on Facebook – Step 1

In order for you to create a business page on Facebook, you have to have an account.

Go to

If you already have a personal account, log in. If not, follow the on screen instructions to creating one (it takes less than 2 minutes).


How to create a business page on Facebook – Step 2

Once you are logged in, go to your settings navigation on the top right corner and click on the little triangle on the far right.

How to create a facebook business page



A menu would drop down, select Create a page. From there on a new page will appear and you will have to chose the type of page you would like to create: Local Business or Place; Company, Organization or Institution; Brand or Product; etc.

Facebook Company Page


If you are a small business, I would advice you select the first option, Local Business or place.  If you want to have a page for a product, then select brand or product.


How to create a business page on Facebook – Step 3

Once you have selected the type of business page you want to create, you will have to complete a short form with some more information about your company.

Facebook Page for Business


How to create a business page on Facebook – Step 4

Next, you will have to fill in another form giving a little bit more detail bout your business and what it is that you do. The more precise and complete your form, the easier it would be for potential clients to find you and of course, the more professional your business page would look.

business page on facebook



How to create a business page on Facebook – Step 5

Upload a photo for a profile picture. A photo that is slightly larger than 160×160 pixels would look best. If you are not sure, just upload any picture you have that you would like to represent your business (your logo, a photo of the premises of your business, a photo of the product etc.) and see how it looks. You can always change the photo at a later stage.


How to create a business page on Facebook – Step 6

At the last page of setting up your Business page on Facebook you would be asked if you want to promote the page. If you are a small business with limited resources, I would advise you do not that. At least not yet. Firstly, you are just starting out and you would only want to advertise your business page on face book when it is complete and it has build up a certain amount of followers. Secondly, you may not even need to pay for advertising. There are some great ways for your business page to grow organically that would be discussed later in the article.

Complete the step by clicking Not Now and (drum-roll please) your page is ready!


How to create a business page on Facebook – Step 7

Now that you have your Business page on Facebook up and running you can start to build your audience and influence. Invite all of your friends and colleagues to like the page, post interesting content that people would feel compelled to share and comment on.  Add a link to your Facebook business page on your company webpage so that whoever visits your website can follow you on Facebook.

You are good to go!


How to create a business page on Facebook – Step 8

Some general advice to get you started:

  • Keep images (profile images and headers) consistent across the different networking platforms. If your business looks the same on Twitter and Facebook, there is a better chance of it being recognized by a customer.
  • Make sure you have provided complete and up-to-date information about your business (address, phone number, email address etc).
  • Always include links to your website in your description.
  • Post interesting content that would compel people to share and comment
  • Create an vent if you are launching a new product, special sales days, new stock days etc.

Lastly, have a look at this post. It explains how to get your Facebook posts more visible and how to grow your online audience.

If you have any further questions let me know in the comments section below. And if you want more great advice on how to grow your business, have a look at our Small Business Growth Formula.

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