How to Get Posts Seen on Facebook?
EdgeRank Explained

EdgerankHave you noticed that there are certain people and groups that pop up on your Facebook newsfeed more often than others? Why is that? How to get posts seen on Facebook?

With the continuous updates that Facebook introduces, it is easy to miss the latest updates. But the truth is, that yours, mine and all users’ newsfeeds are now customized based on patterns of our activity, interactions with friends and groups etc. Facebook now filters up to 99% of all content so only 1% (supposedly the information that Facebook suggests is relevant to you) makes it to your feed. Welcome to EdgeRank.

What is EdgeRank ?

EdgeRank is the way Facebook determines what should show up on your wall. Ultimately, EdgeRank has the factors that make your Facebook posts more visible. In a way it predicts what content would be of interest to you and it filters everything else out. It is the formula that you need to understand in order to get your posts seen on Facebook.

What this means to you as a business, is that people may not be seeing your posts. With the EdgeRank algorithm, just because someone has liked your page doesn’t mean that they see your posts.

In order to get higher EdgeRank scores and wide exposure, you have to first understand how the formula works.

Unlike Google, who keeps their secrets in Fort Knox, Facebook is pretty open about the components that decide what shows up on your wall. The 3 words to remember are;

Affinity, Weight and Decay.

Affinity: One of the first things Facebook looks into when deciding who will see your post is the level and frequency of interaction, or Affinity. In simple terms the more we interact (message, share, comment, like each other’s content) the more of my posts you will see and vice versa.

Weight: Weight refers to the number of interactions users have had with a certain piece of content or post. The more likes, and comments the post receives, the more news feeds it will appear on.

Decay: The time since the content was posted. Old content, unless very high in weight, tends to get pushed down on feeds.

Now What? How to get posts seen on Facebook?

Well, being familiar with the significance of Affinity, Weight and Decay you know that you need to interact with people, in order for them to see your content, you need to post content that people feel compelled to share and interact with and you need to post often (but not too often).

Confused? Here are some actionable tips on how to get posts seen on Facebook:

  • marketing strategyPost a variety of content and test what works for your audience. Do they prefer more serious or more humorous content? More images or more text? Gain affinity and weight by posting content people would like to interact with.
  • Experiment with posts and find what your audience enjoys. This will certainly help you to make your Facebook posts more visible.
  • Respond to comments – if someone takes the time to comment on your post, it is only customary that you reciprocate and comment back thus gaining Weight for the post and Affinity with that person.
  • Post frequently but not too frequently- 2-3 times a day is advisable to give your posts a fair chance of being noticed. More than that would potentially annoy your audience and get you marked as spam.
  • Timing – When it comes to how to get your posts seen on Facebook, timing is one of the keys. When do you go on Facebook? Usually, I only have time very early in the morning during my commute, in my lunch hours and after I come back from work. Assuming that your audience is working, they won’t have much time for social networking during work hours. Post outside work hours.
  • Include images and videos – visually rich content tends to perform much better than text rich content.
  • Share – in order for the Affinity part of the equation to work, you need reach. You need comments and likes as much as the next person. Share other’s content so that there is an interaction between you two. It will also bring in some diversity into your own posts.
  • Shy away from complex terminology and too formal language. Sound friendly and approachable.
  • Now that you know what EdgeRank is and you have some tips up your sleeve on how to make posts more visible on Facebook, you are well equipped to conquer the social media giant!

Pro Tip: If you have some content that you really want your audience to see, send one or two posts before it that you know will get lots of interaction, this will help the chances of your really important post, that follows it, making it into your followers timeline.

What are you secrets to Facebook success? How do you make posts more visible on Facebook?

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