How to Get to Know Your Customers Better Using CRM

How to Get to Know Your Customers Better Using CRM 


The best businesses do not focus on selling their products and services. Instead, they give plenty of attention to what their clients want. That’s how they are able to develop the exact products and services for their clients. These businesses are more interested in knowing their customers. So how can you get to know your customer better using CRM?




1. Get to Know Your Customers Better Using CRM by Generating Crucial Customer Profiles




CRM helps you to generate crucial customer profiles. CRM systems evaluate your customer’s engagement with your brand, for example whether they open your emails or click links, as well as knowing their purchase history. As time goes on and you collect more and more data like this, you can build up invaluable knowledge about each individual customer. Using this information you can then sell to them more effectively because you have learnt what they are interested in and what their spending habits look like.





2. Get to Know Your Customers Better Using Surveys



Surveys are a highly effective way to get to know your customers better using CRM. They can give you a unique insight into what customers really think of your business, what areas need improvement, plus they show that you care and respect your customers’ opinions.


By asking your customers a simple set of questions, you can learn a great deal that can help you improve in numerous areas of your business. It’s important that you decide exactly what you want to learn from conducting the survey and why. For example, do you want to improve your service? Or do you want to improve your product? Do you want to learn more about your customer’s demographics? Do you want to improve your marketing?


Once you have decided on the aim of your survey, you can then start forming your questions. Keep your questions brief and easy to understand- you don’t want to deter your customers from completing your survey in anyway.




3. Study Prospect Behaviour to Identify New Opportunities



CRM helps businesses to identify new opportunities. Most CRM systems have lead scoring functionalities. This means you can define rules for your system to use to score each of your leads. For example, if a lead fills out a webform, your system will automatically award them 10 points, if they click a link in your email, they’ll be awarded 20 points etc. This enables you to learn which of your prospects you should be concentrating on to get them over the line.





4. Record Every Detail About your Customer



If a member of your team has a call with a customer for example, they can record details of this call in the customer’s contact record. Let’s just say they needed assistance setting up your product. A week later, they call again and this time a different member of the team handles the call. Instead of asking the customer to repeat the details of their issue, the member of staff can simply refer to their contact record in your CRM system. Your CRM will also automatically record every email your customer has been sent and whether they have opened that email. Allowing you to continuously learn more about them and streamlining your customer service at the same time.



So there’s 4 ways to get to know your customers better using CRM. If you’re a growing small business and you haven’t yet implemented a CRM system, take a free trial of InTouch and see how it can help you learn more about your customers, communicate with them effectively and increase your conversions!





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