How to Write Great Sales Follow Up Emails That Actually Deliver Results


People in business often hope to do business the first time they meet a prospect but unfortunately the reality of the sales process is quite different. Many studies over the years have revealed that only 2% of sales occur when two parties meet for the first time. In fact the more complex and expensive the product or service offered is, the longer the sales cycle.



The other 98% of prospects only buy once a certain level of trust has been built up, a relationship with the company and salesperson has been established and they have a better and more in depth understanding of the offering.


So it’s clear, following up is very much the essence of the sales deal so knowing how to doit correctly is important (for your bottom line!). Here are some practical tips and guidelines to writing great follow up emails that actually deliver results and help you close more sales.


Make it Relevant and Personal


Open your follow up message with context. ‘It was great meeting you at the … event’, ‘Just to pick up after our call yesterday’, ‘Our mutual friend John suggested that I reach out’. Chances are your prospects are busy people and they will need reminding as to who you are and why you are contacting them. Particularly so, if this is one of the initial interactions. If you’ve been in contact for a while, you can relax the context explanation, however if you’ve only spoken to the lead once or twice, you might want to give them some clues as to who you are and what your business does.



Educational, Purposeful and Specific


Your follow up email needs to have a purpose. Nobody sends an email just to ‘check in’. All emails have a goal and the clearer you make that goal, the better.


Don’t leave the prospect wondering ‘what am I meant to do now?’. Instead give them clear instructions

such as ‘Have a look at the attached proposal and let me know what you think’, ‘Let me know when would be a good time for a follow up call’, ‘Check out the video I’ve attached’ , ‘I would like to meet you over coffee sometime next week to discuss your marketing processes and how to potentially improve them’ etc.


Be specific as to why you are contacting the prospect.


Secondly, your emails have to be valuable i.e. offer something to the prospect. Most follow up email tend to include a link to a page containing useful material (‘… in the meantime, please check out our blog where you can find tons of practical content there’ ), a document they can dwnload explaining your features in detail (‘Please find attached our latest and most up-to-date catalogue’) or even a few testimonials (‘I’ve taken the liberty to attach a case study of a company quite similar to yours that we helped improve their marketing strategy’).



Timing is everything. Whether you are automating the follow up or you are sending the message manually, Here is a simple timeline you can refer to:

24hrs – After a one-to-one meeting or a conference. You want to follow up while everything is still

2-3days – After sending/receiving a proposal. Those usually take a while to go through and discuss with other potential decision makers.
1 week – Follow up within 7 days if a prospect doesn’t respond to your previous message. Sending another message too soon would make them feel like you are pestering them.


Sample Email Templates


To help you make the most of follow up emails and the InTouch email and automation features, have a look at the following email templates. Feel free to copy and paste those straight away and start sending them!


Follow up email after meeting someone


Subject line: Lovely to meet you today %FirstName%

Hi %FirstName%,

It’s [Your Name] from [Company Name]. It was great meeting you today at the [Event Name]! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Following our discussion about your company and what you do, I would like to arrange a quick call with you to discuss possible collaboration. How is next Tuesday for you?

Let me know!

[Your Name]


Follow up email after a sales call


Subject line: Following our phone call

Hi %FirstName%,

Thank you again for your time today, I really enjoyed learning more about your experience at [Company Name] and how you achieved [Milestone Discussed].

Following on from that, I wanted to get back to you with our business quote and proposal. Please find those attached to this email. Have a look at them and let me know your thoughts.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Thanks again chatting today, and I look forward to hearing from you!

[Your Name]



Follow up email if they haven’t come back to you following the proposal


Subject line: Any questions %FirstName%?

Hi %FirstName%,

Last we spoke, we discussed how [Company Name] can help your business achieve [Target/Goal]. I sent you a proposal last week and just wanted to check in to see if you’ve got any further questions or any areas you’d like to discuss.

I’d be happy to chat on the phone and answer any questions that may have come up.

What does your schedule look like this week to talk? How is this Wednesday for you?

Let me know.

[Your Name]



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