Benefits of using a CRM software for Small Business

Increase Customer Retention

Winning customers is great, keeping them is even better! But it’s one of the biggest challenges most businesses face as they spend most of their time either looking for new customers or completing orders, so where does the time come from in order to reach out to existing customers to keep them and potentially do more business with them?

Using a CRM allows you to set reminders or even use the power of automation to help you keep on top of the relationship and help it grow.

Increase Sales

Sales are the lifeblood of businesses, it helps keep them open and growing. The biggest challenge most companies have is their data is scattered through out several systems which means that sales follow up can be slow and difficult, which is where a good CRM system can speed up the process by more than 50%. 

Having all of your data in one place means that not only can it be accessed quickly but having it pull all of the interactions from emails, sms and phone calls together means that every sales conversation becomes more effective, allowing for your sales team to be more productive and close more deals

Organises Your Data

On the most basic level, a CRM system is a tool that can help businesses scale. If you personally are in charge of managing all of the communications and customer data for your business, then you can only even handle a small amount of clients. A CRM allows you to scale the business and grow whilst being able to handle more customer information without creating the paperwork.

It allows you to create one central place for the whole company, where they can record every interaction, conversation, lead, sale and more.

Helps You Build Good Habits

All of this access to information and automation features gives you and your team another important benefit – the ability to build good habits. When you have the most accurate possible data, you can use that to inform more of your decisions going forward. And if you are able to do that on a more consistent basis, you can build good habits that are more likely to resonate with your customers (old and new)