Keep in touch with existing customers

Email marketing will not only help you acquire new customers but it will also help with your customer retention. Using our drag and drop email editor, you can design beautiful emails that continue to engage your customers post sale and convince them to keep coming back to you.


Automate your marketing

Your email marketing can be running in the background using our clever marketing automation. This means you can concentrate on other important tasks, knowing that your relationships with customers are being nurtured, instead of falling by the wayside. 

Never forget to follow up again

InTouch removes the risk of human error- no important follow ups will be forgotten again because the system will set you automatic tasks and reminders to call that customer or meet with another. This keeps you on track and organised, improving your processes and your customers’ experience.


Get to know your customers better

Using our in-depth reporting, you can see which customers are most engaged with your marketing and what type of content they are interested in. This will help you to understand how to market to them further and bring them across with line again and again.

Show them you care

With our survey feature, you call elicit all-important feedback and opinions from your customers; how was their experience? Where can you improve? What do they like best about your product or service? Being able to collect feedback from your customers means you can make improvements to your product or service that your customers want to see. 

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