There are many different marketing strategies and all of these different ways have their own uniqueness. One marketing tool that has drawn a lot of attention in recent years is lead generation. Like every other marketing technique, lead generation has some secrets without which it will fail.  


1. Lead Generation Requires Proper Planning

You cannot just start lead generation without planning, doing that will jeopardise your chances of ever benefiting from it, and this is not what you want!


2. It Must be Targeted

Sequel to planning is targeting; lead gen can take many forms and reach different types of people. To get to your potential customers or targets, you need to know them and also know how to reach them.


3. Your Sales and Marketing Teams Must be on the Same Page

Both the marketing and sales teams must be on the same page and need to agree on how to engage in lead follow up and other aspects of lead generation, otherwise the aim will be defeated.


4. Do not Sell to your Prospects, but Educate them

One reason why lead generation is making waves is that unlike other forms of advertising, lead generation and subsequently nurturing does more to educate the prospect. People love to learn and dislike being sold to and therefore lead generation followed by nurturing really does work.


5. Be Simple

One secret of lead generation is the fact that it is more direct and simplified and it gently encourages prospects to buy.


6. Be Consistent

Every lead gen campaign that ever worked was consistent. You may not get perfect results every time,  it may be frustrating, but to get the best out of lead generation and nurturing, you need to hang in there and continue doing what you are doing. If you give up, you will fail at lead generation.


7. Keep Assessing What Works and What Doesn’t

You don’t just keep on trying to generate leads. If you want your strategy to  be successful then you need to review your process. You need to ask yourself: what worked? What didn’t work? When you answer these questions, you begin to see the trend, and you can then modify your approach and get better results.


8. Be Organised

You cannot just randomly do lead generation you must do it meticulously- continuously plan and improve. 


9. Provide Great Content

In marketing, content is everything. Lead generation is no exception. One major secret to success is generating great content and offering it to your prospects. This content could be in the form of infographics, videos, e-Books, podcasts- anything that will be of value to your prospects!


10. Use Multiple Routes

To succeed, you need to use multiple routes to generate these leads, i.e. forms on your blogs or call to actions on your videos. If you place your eggs in one basket, you risk failure.


11. Continue to Nurture Your Generated Leads

Lead generation without nurturing is useless. You MUST continue to nurture your leads to succeed!


12. Be Customer-Centric


This is the most important secret of lead generation and is the reason why it is one of the most successful marketing tools. Always have your prospect in mind.  



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