4 Methods To Making More Sales With Marketing Automation

Marketing automation software is a huge blessing for sales teams, but unfortunately, too few salespeople know how to leverage the full potential of automation. Most people tend to get stuck in using 1 or 2 features and are pretty happy with the results they achieve but it is when you use a number of different tactics in your sales strategy, that you truly unleash the power of automation and get the cash registers ringing. Wonder what these tactics are? I will enlighten you.

There are 4 key marketing automation techniques that help salespeople close more deals. These vary from actually using all the tools in the box (i.e. using every single feature and functionality of the system you’ve got) to finding out which leads are more engaged than others, provide timely content in the right context, creating real-time alerts and shortening the sales cycle.

Top sales execs have been using marketing automation tools for years to measure a prospect’s activity, identify when a lead meets known buyer-readiness conditions, and pass that lead to sales as soon as a hot prospect is ready to be contacted. Here is how to emulate these techniques in your small company and achieve the same level of success.

Multitasking made easier#1 Use every feature in your sales and marketing automation application

Would you buy cheese if you are lactose intolerant? Would you buy a car tyre if you don’t own a car? Of course not! Then why would you pay for an expensive software if you are not going to use it to its full potential? Or the more accurate question is, why are you not using the tools you are paying for anyway?

The first step to successfully closing more sales using automation software is to use every feature within that application. Trust me, it’s there for a reason.

If you have the option to send triggered emails and SMS messages at the same time, try to do that. If you could set yourself automated reminders to follow up with customers, why are you still writing it down on a post it note? All successful salespeople understand the power of automation and their first job is to really learn the ins and outs of the system they are using so that they can leverage the full power of automation.

If you are an InTouch user and you’d like to make most of the tools available to you, why not book an hours’ training session and have a look through our library of guides and resources.

#2 Identify and nurture hot leads

Sales automation helps you remove the blindfold and see clearly who your leads are, which ones are more engaged than others, which ones are ready to buy and which ones need to be nurtured. You can become laser focussed in your approach by spotting hot leads and engaging with them.

The system already tracks how leads engage with your content and messages, what do you do with that data? Check the analytics and reports of your automated campaigns and draw up a list of all the active leads. Those who have opened 3 consecutive emails, those who have clicked on your links or downloaded your how-to guide. Those are the people you should be ringing up and talking to. Their engagement is a clear sign that they are interested in the services you offer so maybe a phone call or a personalized follow up is the little push they need to convert to paying customers.

Tops sales reps know very well that setting up the automated campaign is half the battle. It is the reports and data insights into what leads do when they receive your messages and then acting accordingly based on this data that really seals the deal.

Go to your automated campaign, spot the 3 most engaged leads and give them a call. Chances are you’ll close those 3 deals today.

IMAGE#3 Distribute the right content to the right person at just the right time

People say ‘content is king’ for a reason and that reason is that content sells. At the recent American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) Conference, it was reported that 82% of buyers viewed at least five pieces of content from vendors they purchased from. Content (quality and personalised content nonetheless) will not only help you convince the lead that they need your product, but it will help them establish the difference between you and the competition and make you look like the industry leader and the most knowledgeable source.

If you work as a personal tutor for example, you can not only use content to promote yourself as the best private teacher in the area, but also showcase your expertise by providing helpful tips, establish your dominance by sharing educational reports etc.

And it’s not just about the content. It is also about the timing. Sending the right content to the right person is what automation is all about. Set up triggers that will send your content just at the right time.

To find out how to use InTouch for triggered campaigns, watch this explainer video.

#4 Shortening the sales cycle

The ultimate goal of any sales automation software is not only to help you close more deals, but also doing so faster and more efficiently. By taking repetitive tasks out of the equation and making communications timely and targeted, your conversion rates will be going up and leads drop-outs going down.

How do top sales reps shorten their sales cycle? Firstly, you have to have a clear understanding of sales funnel you have in place and what challenged people need to go through to transition through it. What are the stages of your sales pipeline? Once you have those covered, you have to make it super easy for prospects to move through the stages.  Want to know more about how the InTouch pipeline can help? Check out this presentation:

If the stages of your funnel are initial contact, information gathering, proposal, follow up and purchase, think about what you can do to streamline this process. reach out via a phone call or a welcoming email at the first stage, provide useful guides and article at the information gathering stage, send a personalized proposal when you think the time is right, set up a reminder to follow up. Chances are if you’ve got the right content, you use all the tools available in the automation system and personalize and tailor your communications, you will be able to dramatically downsize the time people spend in the actual funnel.

Top sales personnel know the power of automation and they know that when equipped with the right tools, the sales automation app pretty much takes care of 80% of the sale process. These are just a few ways top sales teams like to boost their sales conversion rates. So if you want your sales to soar this year, talk to your company’s sales team about these. The secrets to making more sales with marketing automation have now been revealed to you!
Which of these tactics have you tried or hope to try soon? Share your experience in the comments section below! Happy selling!

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