How They Use InTouch

Client: Greg Charlton Location: Weston-Super-Mare, UK

The Company AdviserWill is the UK's 1st Will Writing Service for the Trusted Adviser. We are fully insured and are members of the Society of Will Writers. The Problem I have used CRM in previous companies, so I knew it had all those tools that we needed to make the company successful. In the past I’ve used SAGE for project development, and spreadsheets for customer information but it was difficult trying to make the two different tools talk to each other. How we Discovered InTouch? It was recommend by a friend who uses InTouch. I tried it out and it was great! The reason why I got it is because the functionalities were great. I knew it will help us a lot in our company. What I love about InTouch The simplicity, functionality and support are the main reasons. For me, it’s the whole package that matters not one or the other. I was confident in the company from the beginning, the service that we’ve received, speaking to James and Ciaran, they’ve been really good. The cost, the brand, the way you do business it’s an all-around good proposition. We are still in the early days, but so far we’ve uploaded to the system the 20 000 contacts that we had, we also have an automated marketing plan which will be going out over the next month or two. That’s been a huge success. We’ve had 40 referrals so far in the first 2 weeks of doing an email campaign. And that’s reactive not proactive. That’s not us chasing them, that’s basically the system acting with them when they get in contact with us. InTouch is great! The system is now fundamental to our future success really. Of course the system is only as good as the data and how you are using it. Top 3 Features we Love and use the Most? The automated emails, the online forms (the pre-populated applications), and the mail merge ability to pre-populate word documents from the data within InTouch. These features are key to growing the business. All the processes within the system are key to the future success of the business. What would you say to other Business Owners? Well, you have to move with the times really. You need to be using social media, you have to be keeping in touch with clients via text messages, phone calls and emails. And if you don’t have processes and systems in place to help manage that then you’ll start to lose a lot of business. It’s easier to get more business from repeat customers than it is to try to find new customers altogether. So I think any business that is internet based and has got a website needs to be thinking about how they can keep in contact with clients.