How They Use InTouch

Client: Rami Houbby Location: London, UK

"I brought the InTouch team into NFON to help us with a review of our Sales and Marketing plans. They took us on a journey and delivered on everything that I wanted and more! Their combined business experience allowed them to understand our structure and current processes very quickly. They helped us completely overhaul the way we do business, the way we approach prospects, market ourselves and close sales deals. They helped us set goals and objectives and then ensured that together we delivered on them. They were able to identify areas within our business where we could make improvements and worked brilliantly with our team to help put these changes in place. I would strongly recommend working with the InTouch team if you need help taking your business to the next level, and defining your sales and marketing strategy and plans to ensure growth and revenue! This investment was worth every penny and I’d do it again!" Rami Houbby, Managing Director NFON UK Ltd