Re-permissioning your database

With GDPR just around the corner the time to re-permission your database is now! I’m sure you’ve already started receiving emails from your favourite brands asking you to confirm you want to continue receiving emails from them, but if not..you will soon. In this blog post we share some examples of how some brands are going about doing this plus some information on how to do this with your InTouch account.


Why do I need to re-permission?

If you’re not able to provide proof of when and how an individual provided consent for you to market to them, you’ll need to get permission again due to the changes enforced by GDPR. For some this will sound a scary prospect, but it’s less scary than being on the end of a GDPR related fine!

There are also some positives to this. Your list size could possibly shrink come May, but those you can market to will be more engaged, which will mean more of your emails will reach the inbox which in turn should lead to higher ROI! Plus if done right, you’ll learn more about your customers as they will trust you more and share more data with you.


How and when should I do this?

Sending lots of pleading emails to your database asking for them to confirm their consent could annoy some, so now is time for you to get your creative juices flowing! You could make use of your website, social media and existing regular emails to seek re-permission. InTouch also allows you to send SMS so you could send opted-in contacts a link to a form to complete on their phone.

Milano Pro Sport ran a competition via their Facebook page encouraging sign ups via web form offering the chance to win prizes.

Manchester United are using banners, videos and their email marketing campaigns to encourage people to confirm their subscriptions. You can see it in action here.


Selfridges & Co include a simple section at the top of their email where they don’t go into depth on GDPR, simply that the rules are changing and you need to opt in. Nice and simple!

So how can you re-permission your database with InTouch?


If you choose to ask for re-permission via an email you can use the new %ConfirmOptIn% tag which will generate a link which when clicked will collect all the information required to provide proof of consent. You could wrap the link around text, a button or an image, whatever works best for you. If you’d like any help please contact our support team.


Web Form

We have rolled out double opt-in for our web forms which will also store proof of consent details too. When an individual completes the form they will be sent simple email asking them to click a link to confirm they want to subscribe. Simply enter the URL for the landing page you want them to go to once they click this link and we’ll take care of the rest. Just remember to select the double opt-in option for the web form!

Try not to rely on one single email campaign. Find ways to include a re-permissioning link in multiple emails over a number of weeks or months. You need to find a balance when trying to convince people to give you consent. You can’t scare or force them into giving you consent as under GDPR it must be freely given.

Getting creative can help. Try different tactics across multiple mediums. We’ll have some templates in place soon so sending simple re-permission emails will be a doddle, but I would recommend you think of other ways to capture the imagination of your customers and prospects so they want to give you permission to market to them.

If you have any ideas you’d like to share with us please do, we’re always here to listen to your ideas.


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