Sales Tracking and Pipeline Management – Made Easy

You may have seen a lot of content from us in the last couple of weeks around tracking and managing your pipeline.  That’s because, not only do we think it is a critical activity for every small business, we also have an amazing new sales tracking and pipeline management tool to help you manage  your sales pipeline better.

Why is Sales Tracking Important?

Tracking sales opportunities is critical to the success of almost every sales and marketing function.

Not only does it help you forecast your likely future revenue from new business, it also helps keep you focused on the activities required to close more business.

It’s that focus, that makes for a successful sales function.  Creating a sales process and following through consistently is the key to strong, consistent sales.

How Does a Funnel Help me Track and Convert Sales?

To develop strong sales, first you need a strong sales process.

That process needs to be followed with each lead.  As time goes on you learn what works and what doesn’t, this enables you to refine the sales process and improve your close rates.

Sales isn’t about tricks, it’s about serving your customer base and having a strong sales process.

The sales pipeline, helps you manage your sales process, each stage of the process gets captured in the sales pipeline, so that you can see the progress you are making with each lead.

You also want to be able to link leads in your pipeline with follow up tasks and contacts within your database.

The New Drag and Drop Pipeline Management Module

The new drag and drop pipeline module sits at the heart of the new sales tracking function within InTouch.

Drag and Drop Sales Pipeline

This is your dashboard for managing the leads in your sales pipeline.  It enables you to:

  • Set up the five main stages in your sales process
  • See your sales process in a visual format
  • Create new leads and place them into your sales funnel
  • Add values and proababilities to each lead
  • See the value of leads at each stage of your pipeline
  • Link leads to individuals and organisations in your database
  • Add follow up tasks with reminders to each lead
  • Assign tasks to different team members
  • Drag and drop leads from stage to stage as they move through your pipeline
  • Move leads to won or lost with reasons to help learn what works and what doesn’t

How to Get Started

Start by planning out what 5 steps you want in your funnel, you will be able to set these to suit your own sales process.

Then go to the leads and sales function and start adding leads.

If you already have lead in the system, they will appear in the first first column.

Try adding tasks to leads and moving leads through the pipeline.

Have a play and let us know how you get on.  If you encounter any problems, remember we have our support desk ready and waiting for your tickets.

To your success!

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