Serious About Small Business CRM?

Why do companies use CRM?

Web-based crm

If you find yourself wishing you could track leads more efficiently, upset about losing revenue because of mishandling or losing potential sales opportunities, or thinking your company needs to respond faster to enquiries, there’s a solution and that solution is small business CRM. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is all about overcoming these various obstacles.

 What is CRM?

CRM is an integrated business strategy that places consumers and businesses directly at the center of the consciousness of your organization and helps you manage and store any information relating to your contacts and customers more effectively.

As a total business solution, the InTouch system helps you manage all your email marketing communications and will track and report on open and click through rates as well as giving you the low down on delivery & bounce rates, unsubscribes etc. So the system will do a lot of the hard work, you just have to act on the information it gives you.

Additionally, intouchcrm’s fully integrated CRM and email marketing system allows you to store contact details, notes, emails, communications and sales leads acting as the perfect task management assistant all in one system available anytime anywhere.

From notifying you the specific dates of when to call important prospects to providing a daily dashboard of key activities offering the proper focus to help drive future success, our CRM system basically does all the thinking for you so you can focus on better managing and nurturing your client base.

Plus, there’s no expensive software to buy or download, you only need an Internet connection. It’s a simple more effective way to manage the relationship you have with your customers and prospects.

Speaking of customers, here’s what Richard Rosser, Managing Director of B4 Business magazine has to say about the intouchcrm system:

“We have been using intouchcrm for a number of years now to store contact information and send emails across all of our companies. The system is easy to use, has great reporting and the support from the team is excellent. We would certainly recommend intouchcrm to any organization looking to communicate and grow.”

A true small business CRM solution allows you to understand the way the business functions and more importantly understand your customers. With InTouch, we allow you better task and process management and also strengthening your relationships with your customers and contacts far into the future.


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